Manage Teams: Participants Columns

The right side of the Manage Teams panel displays information about everyone who's been added to the folder or Production you're in. It's divided into separate columns for Participants and Participant Details.

The Participants Column

The Participants column lists all Teams and Contacts that have been added to the currently selected Folder. You can remove Participants and Teams from here by clicking the small  x on the Participant Card or next to the Team's name under the Currently Added Teams heading.

This column also allows you to view a separate list of anyone you've shared Playlinks with. Removing them from the Folder will have the same effect as removing a Participant.

If you remove a Team from a Production, they will also be removed from all associated Folders.

Remove a Participant from a Folder

You can also remove a specific Team member from a Folder while still keeping them on any Team that they've been made a member of. An easy way to do this is to search the user's name at the top of the Participants column and then click the  x in the top right corner of their contact card. 

After confirming the removal, they'll be off the Folder, but still a member of any Team they've been added to.

Different Types of Participants

Playlink users are a specific type of Participant. As we mentioned in the Playlinks article, it's possible to send them to people you may not have wanted to involve further in the Folder. Those folks can be found in the Playlink section of the Participants column:

To transition a user from Playlink-only to full Folder member status, simply change their Permissions to, at least, Viewer. Their Contact will be moved from the Playlink section to Participants.

The Participant Details Card

Selecting a Contact in the Participants column will open their Participant Details Card in the right-most column.

From here you can set the Participant's Role and Permissions for the current Production or Folder they are on.


Only members of the Company Admins supergroup are allowed to create, update and remove Company Teams.

Those with Folder Administrator (the standard Administrator permission group) permissions can create, update and remove Production Teams as long as the change doesn't result in a permission change on a Folder that they are not at least a Folder Administrator of.

Some examples:

Folder Administratorscan create a Production Teamand add that Team to any Folder they're an Admin on.

Folder Administrators cannot add users to a Production Team if that team is also assigned to a different Folder where they aren't also a Folder Administrator.