Manage Teams

The Manage Teams panel allows you to manage the people on all the Folders across a Production, group them together into Teams, and change the permissions they have within Moxion. 

Video Walkthrough

This quick, six-minute video will give you a look at the essentials of the Manage Teams panel:

If you'd like to dig deeper into this part of Moxion, keep reading!

Accessing the Manage Teams Panel

This can be found in three places. The first is in the Desktop Tab, click on the More Actions menu of any Folder, and access Show Participants:

You can also click on any Folder, and access the Manage Teams Menu from the Informational Panel along the right side of the app. Click the Edit button under the Folder Participants heading.

It's also available inside of the Folder, in the Viewer tab. 

Click on the middle button along the left side of the app (the one with the person-shaped icon) to bring this up.

Manage Teams Breakdown

The panel is divided up into five columns:

  • Contacts: The individual members that have been added to the Company and who can be assigned to Productions, Folders, and Teams as needed. We've created separate filters for those who are Admins across the Company and those across individual Productions. You can also add new users here.
  • Teams: These are groups you can create to help organize the users that you add to Folders or Productions.
  • Production & Folder: The current Production you're working on, as well as all the Folder you're currently inside of.
  • Participants: The members from your Contacts that have been added to a Production or Folder.
  • Participant Details: When a Participant is selected, this will display a card with their information, including permission level and position in the Production.

Each one plays a part in adding team members, assembling them into groups for distribution, or giving them access to Folders. For best practices on setting up your teams, reference our Setting up Teams and Adding Users guide.

The Production and Folder Column

The column in the center of the Teams Panel contains the Production you're working on at the top, and the Folder that you're in or have selected below. Clicking on a Production or Folder allows you to manage the individual Participants and Teams that have been added to each.


Team names have a 45 character limit.

Duplicate Company Team names are not allowed in the same Company, and duplicate Production Team names aren't allowed in the same Production. While the same Production Team name can't be made in the within a Production, it is possible to have duplicate Production Team names in separate Productions in one Company.