Folder Tree & Breadcrumb View

Folder Tree

The Folder Tree View on the Assets tab allows you to easily select which Group, Production, or Folder you'd like to access.

The folder system is similar to what can be found in the macOS Finder, or Explorer in Windows, and allows you to search globally across all productions and folders you have access to, to easily find, and work with, your assets. 

Anything that's listed here can be selected and will affect what's displayed in the center viewer panel. Choosing the production, for instance, will show you all the top-level folders in it, and the information panel will give you details about the production. You can also hide the Folder Browser by clicking the Folder icon at the top, giving you more screen space to work with.

Breadcrumb View

Whenever you're viewing content on the Assets tab, the breadcrumb view at the top will always give you the complete folder path of where you are:

This can be especially helpful if you've chosen to hid the "Folders" panel but still need to keep track of which folder you've landed in.

There are some instances of this folder path that are clickable, and allow you to switch to a different folder. For instance, if you're in the Manage Teams panel, you'll notice that the last level of the folder path has a dropdown associated with it, allowing you to quickly navigate to another folder without needing to go back to the Assets tab:

For more on folders and navigation, please refer to our Assets tab help doc, or review the videos below:

Assets Tab UI Tour

Hierarchy Explained