Breadcrumb Trail & Tree View

The Breadcrumb Trail shows you the path of the current Company, Group, Production, and Folder or subfolder that you're working in. If you're across more than one of those, you can jump to a different one by clicking the dropdown at the end of that to open up the Tree View.

If you're across more than one Company, you can also switch between those using the Company Switcher to the left of the Breadcrumb Dropdown.

Tree View

Think of this as the Desktop in miniature when you're working from the Viewer tab. It's got all of that organization in a dropdown format that allows you to quickly hop between different Groups, Productions, or Folders and subfolders as needed.

Each Group has its own drop-down that lists all the Productions within it. Clicking the down arrow next to a Production will show you all the Folders under it, which will list all of the subfolders, and so on until you reach the end of that organizational branch. 

The Folders themselves are presented as separate bullet points which reflect the naming and color scheme that you'd previously set up in the Desktop view. Any Folders with assets in them will have a small light blue dot on the same line. Folders without assets will have a small light gray dot. 

The search field at the top of the Tree View allows you to look for any Group, Production, Folder or Subfolder from the Company that you're in. 

In the Desktop

This works largely the same when you're moving around the Desktop, only each item in the Breadcrumb Trail is made clickable. When you select an item in the trail, it will display the contents of that container (whether it's a Group, Production, Folder or subfolder). 

If you're doing a search from the Desktop's Tree View, selecting one of the results will bring you to that item and open it. Choosing any one of the organizational types will have a similar, but slightly different effect:

  • Choosing a Group will show you its Productions and give you the ability to create a new Production.
  • Choosing a Production will list all the topmost Folders and let you make a new one.
  • Choosing a Folder or Subfolder will show you any Subfolders within, let you make a new Subfolder, and present an indicator showing how many assets your selection contains.