Assets Tab Overview

The Assets tab has been designed to be your organizational hub, helping you streamline your workflows and enhance your collaboration experience.  

Click below for a short, guided video tour of the new Assets tab interface.

For a detailed, feature-by-feature walkthrough of the Assets tab in it's entirety, visit our Assets Tab Onboarding page, located here.

Within the Assets tab itself, there are five areas/elements to make note of:

Top Bar

On the left side of the Top bar is the side navigation lock, that lets you fix the Assets tab panel to always be open, or set it back to allow you to navigate elsewhere.  

On the right side, you can check your connectivity status to get insights into your playback capabilities.

You'll also find our Help button, which contains our full, searchable knowledge base and gives you the ability to reach out to support without having to leave the app. 

Folder Browser

Next is the Folder Browser on the left, which lets you navigate through all of the groups, productions and folders that you've been added to. The folder system is similar to what can be found in the macOS Finder, or Explorer in Windows.

Anything that's listed here can be selected and will affect what's displayed in the center viewer panel. Choosing the production, for instance, will show you all the top-level folders in it, and the information panel will give you details about the production. You can also hide the Folder Browser by clicking the Folder icon at the top, giving you more screen space to work with.  

Asset Viewer

The Asset Viewer takes center stage, occupying the entire center panel. If we select a folder on the left, Thumbnails for all the assets uploaded to this folder will be displayed, as well as any sub folders found within it.  

Each asset comes with a menu of additional options, accessible through a vertically-aligned ellipsis, and will change depending on your permission level.  

You'll also notice a number of icons at the top, which grant you access to various functionalities, which again are also dependant on your permissions.  

You can search for assets or folders, change your view, access the upload panel, add new folders, and sort and filter your folders, batches, and assets. You’ll also see the folder path for the selected folder along the top.  

Information & Settings Panel

The Information panel can be found on the right-hand side. It can be expanded to allow you to view or change what you need, and then collapsed to provide more real estate for the center asset viewer.  

Your folder and production settings can also be found in this panel, and will change based on your permission set, as well as what you have selected on the left or in the middle.  

Persistent Player

Clicking on an asset thumbnail opens up our persistent player, allowing you to review and comment on assets seamlessly without leaving the Assets Tab.


For a full guided tour of the Assets Tab, click below: