Metadata and Organization

Moxion allows you to organize and sort the assets in a Folder to as narrow or broad a specification as you need. Looking for a shoot day? No problem. Looking for every take done with a specific lens? We can do that, too. 

Here's a quick video walkthrough of these tools in Moxion:

You can find more details below!

Quick Sort Options

If you're looking to quickly filter or rearrange the assets you're seeing in the Viewer, we have a number of top-level options at hand which can utilize metadata that's come through from set. 

  • The first button allows you to sort by Batch, Scene or Viewed/Unviewed assets. 
  • The second button toggles between Name or Date-based ordering.
  • The third button then arranges the assets into ascending or descending order.

Our searching and sorting really shines when you're working with metadata-rich assets on Moxion. Click on the magnifying glass icon to open up the first level of tools: 

From here you can access:

  • Preset Views - A host of options that allow you to quickly sort assets by specific pieces and combinations of metadata such as Unit, Shoot Day, Print + Batch. 
  • Tags - Another sort option which takes advantage of our colored tagging system. This allows you to filter by selecting all the tags you want to see and listing any assets that have at least one of those applied.
  • Search Assets - Have a keyword you're looking for? Type it in here to find anything that has it somewhere in the metadata. The connected drop down allows you to target specific metadata fields for the search. 

The Reset button will clear out any work you've done in this panel. Otherwise, whatever search or sort you've set here will stick around if you leave and come back. To dig even deeper, click the Advanced button to open up more tools.

Advanced search 

These options allow you to choose how your search results are grouped, arranged and ordered. 

  • Group by - A more nuanced version of the first trio of quick sort options above, these have even more variety and specificity, such as Episode + Scene + Shot. The menu below this one allows you to choose the ordering; Ascending, Descending, Newest or Oldest. 
  • Order by - This lets you choose the piece of metadata by which the assets are ordered. 

Add Batch

You can create a new Batch at any time by clicking the  + button in the Asset panel menu, located above the Ascending/Descending toggle. 

Batches can be created ahead of time as placeholders for anticipated uploads at a later date, say for the next day of Dailies or an anticipated cut.