Metadata and Organization

Flow Capture allows you to organize and sort the assets in a Folder to as narrow or broad a specification as you need. Looking for a shoot day? No problem. Looking for every take done with a specific lens? We can do that, too. 

Click the video for a quick walkthrough, and then view additional info below.

Quick Sort Options

When you have a folder opened on your Desktop page, you have the flexibility of sorting your assets within your batches by two different parameters: Name, or Date of Upload.

To change from one sort parameter to another, simply click on the existing sort parameter in the upper right hand corner. For example, if the assets are currently sorted by Name, it will display Name. Clicking here will change the sorting to Uploaded, meaning the date of the upload itself. Clicking here again will change it back to being sorted by Name.

If you’d like to change the sorting options for the batches themselves, in the upper left hand corner,  you’ll also see either an up arrow or down arrow. This will put batches in either ascending or descending order alphabetically:

Our searching and sorting really shines when you're working with metadata-rich assets on Flow Capture. It will allow you to re-organize batches based off of any metadata field you’d like.

For example, by selecting “Scene” from the filtering options, all the assets within the folder will now be re-organized into batches based off the info found in the scene metadata field.

You’ll note also that any assets that don’t have any info in that field will all be batched together, such as the case here with our No Scene batch.

To reorganize these again, you can select a different parameter, such as episode, camera, or more.

You can also search by a specific piece of metadata, tag, asset name or uploaded date by clicking on the search field at the top of the page at the folder, production or company level.

From here you can access:

  • Search by asset name - Have a keyword you're looking for? Type it in here to find anything that has it somewhere in the asset name.
  • Tags - Another sort option which takes advantage of our colored tagging system. This allows you to filter by selecting all the tags you want to see and listing any assets that have at least one of those applied.
  • Asset Metadata - Selecting a metadata field will allow you to search assets that have a specific piece of metadata.

For a more in-depth breakdown of this, have a look at our Flow Capture Search article!