Playback Control

Flow Capture provides a variety of options that allow you to control and customize your asset viewing experience.

Whenever you view an asset on Flow Capture, you'll be shown information about that asset such as timecode and current frame.

You'll also see The Transport Controls, which allow you to start, stop, scrub, skip, speed up, slow down and otherwise adjust the process of viewing assets. Each of the functions found within the Transport Controls have an associated shortcut, which will be laid out in this article as well.

Lastly, you'll also have a variety of Playback and Viewing options at your fingertips, including controls allowing you to create subclips.

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Along the top of the screen, you'll see the following info:

  • Timecode - Shows the timecode of the selected clip. Clicking the timecode itself opens up the Jump to Timecode tool.
  • Frame - Displays the current frame of the clip you're on. 
  • Name - Displays the name of the asset
  • Screenshot - Opens up the In-App Screenshot tool to let you grab a frame of any part of the video that you're viewing and save it in Flow Capture.

Transport Controls

Along the bottom of your screen in the lower left hand corner, you'll find the Transport Controls:

  • The left most icon (line + triangle) will skip to the previous asset, and the right most icon will skip to the next asset.
    • For example: If you're viewing a Playlink with 3 assets, and you're currently watching the second asset, the left hand icon will skip to the previous asset, or the right hand icon will skip to the next one
  • The next icon to the right (10 + left arrow) will skip backwards 10 seconds, whereas the second last icon to the right (10 + right arrow) will skip forward 10 seconds
  • The middle button will Play the asset, or Pause the asset if it is already playing.

Playback Shortcuts

If you prefer to use your keyboard instead of your mouse to control playback, the following shortcuts will help you do so.

These shortcuts also allow for more advanced control options, such as increasing playback speed and stepped playback.

The shortcuts for Play Backward and Play Forward can both be pressed more than once to increase the playback speed by 2x, 3x, or 4x in either direction.

Playback & Viewing Options

In the lower right hand corner, you'll see a number of icons that will help you customize your playback experience:

The first four icons allow you to adjust your overall layout. From left to right:

  • The first icon will show you the playable asset in the middle, as well as the list of assets on the left and the asset's information on the right:

  • The second icon will hide the information panel, but keep the list of assets showing:

  • The third icon will hide both panels:

  • The fourth icon will hide the left panel but show the information panel on the right:

  • The last icon will bring you into fullscreen mode

This brings us to the final three icons:

  • An icon that says "Auto" and "SDR" by default. Clicking this will allow you to adjust two settings:
    • Playback Resolution - Whenever you upload an asset to Flow Capture, we'll always transcode a number of proxy files in alternate resolutions. Clicking this will allow you to select a specific resolution to view, or you can leave it set to "Auto" to allow for the player to play the best resolution based on your bandwidth
    • Dynamic Range - If you're working with HDR assets, you can switch between HDR and SDR using this button. HDR assets will default to playing in HDR if the device it's being played on supports it
  • A volume slider, which allows you to adjust the playback volume.
  • A Playback Options button (3 vertical dots) that brings up the following playback options for adjustment:
    • Sequential Play - Enables the playback of assets one after the other. (NOTE: This option will be greyed out if "Loop" is enabled, as looping a single asset will prevent sequential play from being possible).
    • Loop - this will loop the current asset being played when toggled ON
    • Autoplay - This starts playing an asset as soon as you've selected it if turned ON
    • Action - A toggle for any clips that come through with action markers via Flow Capture's Immediates integration with QTAKE. Enabling this will only play back the portions of the clip that have been marked with Action metadata.

Subclipping Controls

Flow Capture gives you the ability to cut out a specific section from any asset you've uploaded to create an entirely new clip. More on subclipping can be found here: Subclipping

The shortcuts for marking in, marking out, and creating a subclip can be found below: