Transport Controls

This is the panel that allows you to start, stop, scrub, skip, speed up, slow down and otherwise adjust the process of viewing assets on Moxion. Located above and below the main viewer window, their default appearance has all the basic playback functions.

Starting from the top left corner of the screen, you'll find:

  • Timecode - Shows the timecode of the selected clip. Clicking the timecode itself opens up the Jump to Timecode tool.
  • Frame - Displays the current frame of the clip you're on. 
  • Screenshot - Opens up the In-App Screenshot tool to let you grab a frame of any part of the video that you're viewing and save it in Moxion.

From left to right, the following are at your fingertips:

  • Options - Opens up the Transport Control Options panel , which allows you to further customize your playback experience on Moxion.
  • Action - A toggle for any clips that come through with action markers via Moxion's Immediates integration with QTAKE. Enabling this will only play back the portions of the clip that have been marked with Action metadata.

    Playback controls - The standard Play, Fast Forward, Rewind, as well Skip to Next, or Back to Previous actions you may remember from the salad days of home video.

    • The Fast Forward (double arrow) button will double the playback speed each time you click it, up until 8x speed. The playback speed will be displayed above the double arrows

  • Timeline Zoom - Indicates the current level of Zoom in the timeline. Useful if you're working with EDLs
  • Resolution and Dynamic Range Icons - Visual indicators to let you know the quality of asset you're viewing. 
  • Quality Selection - Gives you the ability to choose a specific playback resolution or switch back to Auto. If you're working with HDR assets, you can switch between those and SDR here. There's also a Loop toggle to enable continuous playback on one asset.
  • Sound - Adjust the volume, or click to mute.
  • Fullscreen - A toggle to enable/disable fullscreen playback.

Transport Control Options

This provides you with some extra controls over how the player works and what it displays. Clicking the Options button in the Transport Controls will open this up. 


This tab contains toggles for enabling or disabling options related to the viewing of files on Moxion.

Action Points:

  • Play Action - Has the same function as the button that plays sections of clips that have action markers.


  • Autoplay - This starts playing an asset as soon as you've selected it. 
  • Sequential Play - Enables the playback of assets one after the other. (NOTE: This option will be greyed out if "Loop" is enabled, as looping a single asset will prevent sequential play from being possible).

Timecode Display:

  • Absolute -The timecode for an asset based on the time of day it was recorded on set during production.
  • Source Timecode - The source timecode from an asset.
  • Frames - Counts up, individual frame by individual frame.

Asset View

Allows you to customize the information presented with your assets. More information can be found on this in the Personal Settings article.


Contains shortcuts and information related to generating short, new assets from existing ones. More information can be found in the Subclipping article. 


Lets you change the settings around realtime alerts if you need to be on top of assets as they're coming in. More information can be found in the Moxion Account Settings article. 


A full list of the keyboard shortcuts you can use when viewing assets on Moxion, including tools for Subclipping and Transcribing. 

The shortcuts for Play Backward and Play Forward can both be pressed more than once to increase the playback speed by 2x, 3x, or 4x in either direction.