Jump To Timecode

This tool allows you to enter a specific piece of timecode to quickly and precisely move the playhead there. and you can use this in our web, desktop, and iPad apps. 

In the Web and Desktop Apps

You'll be able to take advantage of this in either the Inbox or Viewer tabs. If you're in the former, you'll need to start playing an asset beforehand, but you only need to select a clip in the Viewer. 

From there, you have two ways to activate the tool itself:

  • Typing - When you're in the viewer and have a clip selected, just entering numbers in will automatically open this tool and start the process. 
  • Timecode field - Clicking on the timecode display in the Transport Controls opens up a blank field for you to start 

Once it's is up, all you need to do is add the numbers of the timecode and press Enter or Return on your keyboard - there's no need to enter colons or spaces between the numbers. You can also delete if you've mistyped something, or use the Esc key to completely back out of the tool itself.

In the iPad App

You still have access to the convenience this affords, even if you're on the go! It's still in both the Inbox and Viewer tabs, but the only way you'll be able to bring up the tool is by tapping the timecode field.