In-App Screenshots

Moxion's players not only showcase the hard work of your cinematographer in the best quality possible, they also give you the ability to capture stills from any video source you're watching and share them securely, with every line of metadata from the parent clip, all without leaving our web, desktop or iPad apps. 

There are three different ways to grab a screenshot in Moxion, and we'll go into how to do each one in this article.

Users will need at least Uploader permissions to be able to take in-app screenshots.

Transport Control Button

The simplest way to get a screen grab is by using the camera icon in the Transport Controls

Note: the camera icon is only available when viewing assets within the Viewer (AKA, the folder itself), and *not* when viewing an asset in the Inbox via a Playlink

Clicking that at any point while you're watching a video will bring up our screenshot tool:

This gives you a variety of information and options related to the screenshot you're creating. 

  • Screenshot - The information to the right of this heading shows the name of the source clip and the position of the playhead in that clip's timecode when the screenshot was taken. 
  • Save To- Gives you a number of options to control how the screenshot you're taking is saved. 
    • Name - What the still you're taking is called on Moxion. By default, it's the Source Clip Name + Timecode Position when the screenshot was taken, but you can customize this to your liking.
    • Folder - The Folder that you're saving the screenshot in. This defaults to the one where you were watching the parent clip. You can select any other Folder that's available to you by clicking the dropdown menu.
    • Existing Batch - Another dropdown menu that allows you to choose where to save your screenshot after it's taken. You can use a Batch that's already been created within the selected Folder, or make a new Batch. 
    • New Batch - This is where you'll be able to title a new Batch, if you chose that option from the previous dropdown. 

Once you've made your selections, click the Save button and the screenshot will be saved to the location of your choice, along with all of the metadata that was attached to the parent clip. 

You'll see two notifications in the top right corner of the app letting you know that it's been both created and saved successfully:

Interacting with Screenshots

After the asset's been created, you can work with it in the same way you would any other asset that's been uploaded to Moxion, so long as you have the adequate permissions. 

This includes commenting and markup, as well as the full suite of Action Menu items:


There are two shortcuts you can use to grab a screenshot from within Moxion.

Pressing the  G key on your keyboard will bring up the Screenshot tool and all the options that go with it. If you want it even faster, the CTRL+G shortcut will take a screenshot and save it to a preselected place on Moxion. 

If you haven't selected a Batch to save to, you'll need to make some selections the first time you use the shortcut.

Screenshot Tool Availability

The screenshot tool is available when using the browser version, desktop app, or iPad app. Currently, it is not available on the iPhone app, Apple TV app, or Fire TV app. 

when using the Moxion iPad app, the screenshot tool icon can be found along the bottom, just to the right of the transport controls: