Move, Copy and Manage Assets

This tab gives users with the necessary permissions the ability to move or copy assets between Folders in Moxion. Those actions can be performed across Folders in the same Production, or across different Productions (if, by chance, some assets were uploaded to the wrong place!). 

You can also take advantage of our Integrations with QTAKE and ShotGrid from the Manage Assets tab.

Assets with comments will not retain those when they are moved or copied.

Moving and Copying

The column on the left is your Source for whichever action the Manage Assets tab is going to be used for. Any assets you copy or move will come from the selections you make here. The column on the right is your Destination. You'll choose where the the files you're working with will go from here. You can choose from an already existing Batch in a Folder, or create a new Batch as you work. 

You can choose select your Source and Destinations using a Tree Dropdown that gives you a list of all the options you're able to select.

The destination for copied or moved files can be another Batch in one of three places:

  • The same Folder as the Source.
  • Another Folder in the same Production.
  • A Folder in different Production under the same Company. 

When selecting assets, you can use the full suite of sifting, sorting and search functions you'd normally find in the Asset tab of the Viewer. If you're working with an entire batch, just check the box, and we'll automatically create a new batch in the destination and fill it with the assets from the source:

If you're moving or copying individual assets, you'll need to check the box next to the destination batch before you can perform those actions:

You'll be asked to confirm whichever action you're doing, and after that processed has finished, you can choose to notify the participants of the Folder where the assets were delivered.

The notification that gets sent out with that is similar to the one we send out for new Uploads. Therefore, in order for a user to receive an email notification, they must have the "Upload" notification toggle turned ON (which is the default), which will generate an email as well as a message in their Moxion Inbox. 

Note: For notifications to be sent when moving or copying assets, the batch being moved must not be empty, and the destination batch must not be a hidden batch. 

Moxion Integrations

The Manage Assets tab is also where you can take advantage of our Integrations with QTAKE and ShotGrid. Have a look at those articles for more information.

These integrations require some set-up by Moxion Support so please let us know if this is something you would be interested in deploying.