Move, Copy and Manage Assets

The Transfer section contains a Manage Assets tab, which gives you the ability to move or copy your assets from one place to another.

The column on the left is your Source for whichever action the Manage Assets tab is going to be used for. Any assets you copy or move will come from the selections you make here.  

The column on the right is your Destination, which allows you to choose where the files you're working with will go. You can choose from an already existing Batch in a Folder, or create a new Batch as you work. 

You can choose both your Source and Destinations using a Tree Dropdown that gives you a list of all the options you're able to select, based on your permissions. 

When selecting assets, you can use the full suite of sorting and search functions. If you're working with an entire batch, just check the box, and we'll automatically create a new batch in the destination to be used when copying or moving.  In our example below, we've sorted by Episode + Scene, so we can select any of the batches created to move all assets within it:

Click here to learn more about searching and batches: Metadata and Organization

If you're moving or copying individual assets, you'll need to check the box next to the destination batch before you can perform those actions. 

Once your assets and destination are selected, you can copy or move your files. Copying leaves assets in two places simultaneously (both destination and source), while moving transfers assets from the source to the destination batch.

Whenever you move or copy assets, you’ll be given the option to notify participants in the destination folder. Note that if you move or copy assets to a different batch within the same folder, this option isn’t available.  

The notification that gets sent out with that is similar to the one we send out for new Uploads. Therefore, in order for a user to receive an email notification, they must have the "Upload" notification toggle turned ON (which is the default), which will generate an email as well as a message in their Inbox. 

Note: For notifications to be sent when moving or copying assets, the batch being moved must not be empty, and the destination batch must not be a hidden batch.