Just about any time something happens on Flow Capture, we can let you know about it!

Most of the time that will be through automatic notification emails for specific actions (uploads, comments, etc.) that are sent to which address is tied to your login credentials. Most folks only have those sent out in the event of a new upload to a folder where they've been added, though Admins also get notified about screenshots or screen recordings by default.

Adding and Inviting Others

There are some nuances to how new users and notifications work in Flow Capture that are helpful to keep in mind! The short version is that we don't let people know they've been added unless you assign them to a folder or production, or send them something (a Playlink, for example). 

Offline Spaces

Nothing is sent out when someone is added the Contacts Column in the Manage Teams panel. You can treat that as a space to do as much work ahead of time as you need. 

The Teams Column works in much the same offline fashion so long as the team hasn't been assigned anywhere. Until it is added to a folder or production, you can do as much work to build out your teams as you'd like. Whether they'll be for moving users around or just simply distro lists, adding and removing folks from them can be done without worrying that every action sends someone an email. 

You can also draft up a playlink ahead of time and add whomever you like to it without anyone knowing. So long as you don't click the Send button once all your work is done, no one will hear from us until you want them to!

Online Spaces

As soon as you click and confirm either the Assign Contact or Assign Team options, you will initiate an invite to the user or users in question. 

Anyone who doesn't have an account will receive an email notifying them about being added, with a prompt to create their account. Those who already have an existing Flow Capture account will get a notification about being added that will take them there. 

If a Team has already been assigned to a folder or production, adding a user to it will prompt a similar notification for new or existing users. 

Adding someone to an active playlink and saving your changes will then send it out, but only to the new person. More information about resending playlinks can be found below.

Resending Invites

You can resend someone's invite to Flow Capture by opening up the Manage Teams panel and removing them from the folder or production they've been added to. When you add them back again, you'll prompt a fresh notification to be sent out to them.

Personal Notification Settings

You have control over many of the notification emails that you receive from Flow Capture, and the settings for those can be modified across an entire production or within a specific folder. The specific options available to you will be the same no matter where you're making the changes and those can be made at either the Production or Folder level:

As mentioned above, Upload is the default option for all accounts. Each type of notification is tied to the following actions:

  • Added to Folder - Sends out a message every time someone uploads an asset to a folder
  • Screen Capture - Initiated by the native screenshot or screen recording function in either the Flow Capture iPhone or iPad apps. 
  • Comment - Sends out a message every time someone leaves a comment on an asset in the folder or within a production where you've toggled this on. 
  • Upload - Sends out an email whenever a new batch has finished uploading and processing. ON by default. (Note: this must also be turned on to receive notifications about assets being moved)
  • View Video - Lets you know when someone has watched a video asset.
  • Delete - Informs you whenever an asset is removed. 
  • Immediates Upload - Sends out a digest notification for Immediates uploads at specific, timed intervals to the email address tied to your account. The default once enabled is a message every hour, but you can also choose from the following:

  • View Image - Similar to the one for viewing videos, but for still images. 
  • Download - Informs you when someone with download permissions has downloaded one or more assets. 
  • Play Audio - Sends a notification when an audio-only asset is played. 

With the exception of the timed Immediates digests, we'll send out a notification each time any of the actions you've chosen to stay informed about happens.

Levels of Notification

Any of the notification settings can be enabled or disabled at either the production or folder level, to allow for both broad and specific monitoring where necessary. 

Setting a toggle at the production level means that you'll be getting or preventing the notification across every folder within a production. You can find these by clicking on the icon with your initials at the bottom left and selecting Personal Settings option:

From there, select Email Notifications to bring up the list of toggles:

That can be especially handy if you want to save your personal email from letting you know every time anything happens on Flow Capture for the show you're a part of. 

If you'd still like to get targeted updates for actions within a specific folder (a downloads folder shared with marketing folks, say), you can still go into that folder and toggle on the notice you want to receive. Starting from the assets tab again, you'll want to select the folder you want to make the change in and then click the Personal Settings on the right side of the app:

That will bring you right where you need to be; inside the folder, with the Settings panel open and Email Notifications selected and ready to toggle. Once updated, that will be the only place you hear from us about any actions.

Notifications and the Flow Capture Inbox

The Flow Capture Inbox is built off of the notifications from Uploads, Live streams and some types of Playlinks. 

The Upload and Live stream toggles also send notifications to your Inbox on Flow Capture. In the case of the Upload, you'll get the notification once everything in the upload batch has finished processing, and it will have every asset from the batch listed in the message.

Some types of playlinks also generate messages in the Inbox. They appear much like regular upload notifications, but can have a custom message if the sender has written one. 

Any message that shows up in your Inbox in the web app, regardless of source, will also show up in 

Notifications You Can Resend

Much of what Flow Capture sends out is automatic, but there are some types of notifications which you have more direct control over. Those include uploads, invites and playlinks.

Hidden Batches

This option can be used during uploading, or as a way to resend notifications on Flow Capture after everything is up and ready to view. If you're starting with the former, you'll want to check the option called Create Hidden Batch when prepping the upload as that prevents any notifications from being sent out when the assets have finished uploading and processing. 

Once they've made it to Flow Capture, the files will then show up in the new hidden batch you've created:

This is helpful during the initial upload process if you want to double-check any of your work before letting everyone else in the Folder know that it's ready to be viewed, while also hiding assets from anyone with the default Viewer permission level. Once you're satisfied that everything looks right, you can Unhide the Batch and choose to send out notifications to everyone on the Folder, no one, or a select few. 

If the files are already up on Flow Capture, anyone with Uploader permissions or greater can open the Action Menu for a batch and choose the Hide Batch option. 

This will make it invisible to anyone with standard viewer permissions, and it also gives you the ability to Unhide by reopening the Action Menu. Doing that will bring up a window you can use to send out notifications to whomever needs one. 

Regardless of whom you choose to inform, all the Folder's participants will be able to see and view any assets within the newly available Batch.

Hidden batches are only invisible to participants on a folder that have Viewer permissions. All other participants will have access to hidden batches.


Any Playlink you've created can be resent from that tool in Flow Capture. All you need to do is go and find the playlink in question. Once you're in there, you've got a pair of different options for Resending. 

The buttons next to each user allow you to target a specific person for the new notification. The button along the bottom of the page lets you send it back out to everyone who's been added to the playlink as a participant.