Manage Teams: Contacts Column

This is a list of all the users that have been added to the Company you are currently working in. Everyone who’s a part of all the Productions and Folders within your Company is listed here. Each user’s contact information is presented on what we call a Contact Card.

We know that such a list can contain sensitive information, which is why we allow you to silo it by Production. Permission levels give you another degree of control, as anyone with Viewer access is unable to open the Manage Teams tab panel.

Together, these allow someone in a Company Admin position to delegate out Production-specific admin duties to others with the knowledge that distro lists won’t be getting mixed up.

The All Column

This displays every Contact you have access to, which can very based on your permission level.

If you're a Company Admin:

  • This shows all of the users who've been added to the Company you are the Administrator of, across every one of its Productions and Folders.
  • You have full control over who's included in the Company Contacts list, and can add or remove users as necessary. 
  • Only another user with Company Admin permissions will be able to remove Contacts from the Company Contacts list.

If you're an Admin at the Production or Folder level:

  • Working on a single Production or Folder in a Company, this shows everyone that's been added to it.
  • Working on more than one Production or Folder, all of their combined Contacts will be included in this column.
  • You are unable to remove Contacts from this list. 

The Production Column

This Tab displays all of the Contacts that have been added to the Production you are currently working in, and feeds directly into the All tab.

If you're a Company Admin:

  • You are able to add and remove new Contacts, and your actions will be reflected in what Admins at the Production or Folder level can see.

If you're an Admin at the Production or Folder level:

  • You can add Contacts to this list as required and they will feed directly both the All view that you and a Company Admin can see.
  • You're only able to remove Contacts from this list this if you added them and they don't belong to another Production or Folder in the Company. 
  • If you are able to remove them, then they will also be removed from your All contact list, and will need to be re-added if required.

This won’t remove the user from the Company's Contact list. Re-adding also won’t result in a duplicate Contact as long as the email address is the same.

Contact Card Info

A contact's information is presented on a Contact Card which contains the following:

  • Name and email address.
  • Team buttons: These are small colored dots on the bottom left side of the card that indicate any Teams the contact is a part of. Hovering over it displays the name of the Team.
  • Context button: This small colored dot on the bottom right of the contact card is a context-sensitive indicator of whether the user is part of the currently selected Production or Folder. Selecting different Folders will make a corresponding dot appear or disappear on the contact card.

Selecting a Contact card brings up User Options for that Contact. With those, you can enable Inbox Only mode for the user or reset their MFA details. 

Adding New Contacts

To add a new user to your Contacts list simply click the New Contact button at the bottom of the Contacts column. 

You'll then be able to enter in the user's name and email address. Make sure to double check your work - you won't be able to change a user's info after they've been added (though they'll be able to update their name). 

Adding a New Contact to your Contacts list does not send them an invite. Invites are  only sent once a Contact is individually assigned at the Folder level, or by being on a Team that's been assigned at either the Production or Folder level.

You can also add multiple contacts at once by uploading a CSV with your user's information. Just make sure it has columns marked with first_name, last_name, and email.

If you've already added a user with the same email address, don't worry! We won't create a duplicate if they're in the CSV you upload.

If you'd like to add or remove users to multiple teams all at once, please view our instructions on how to use the Import/Export functionality, located here: Import/Export - CSV Administration

Assigning Contacts Directly to a Folder

You can add a single Contact directly to a Folder by selecting them, the desired Folder, and clicking the Assign Contact button. This skips having to add them to a Team.

It's not possible to add an individual Contact to a Production - you'll have to add them to a Team and assign that to the Production.