CSV Administration

Export Teams:

Exports a top-level list of all Teams across the selected Production. This will allow you to modify/create Teams and their associated default Permission Levels.

Export People:

Export > Select Production

This generates a CSV Report for the selected users/teams assigned to this Production.

We recommend inspecting this file thoroughly to view the the Team/Folder schemas before making any changes to user information.

Import > Select file

Once you've selected a CSV from your Desktop you'll get a quick preflight check where any changes this file would make are called out.


  • Preflight Results
    • Total Teams = 0 (total number of the teams detected within the csv)
    • Total Users = 0 (total number of unique users detected within the csv)
    • Errors = 0 (number of errors/clashes detected within the csv)
  • Actions - A summary of the successful actions/changes applied.
    • Teams Created = 0 (number of new teams created)
    • Users Created = 0 (number of new users created)
    • Members Updated = 0 (number of existing users updated)
    • Member Additions = 0 (number of users added to team)
    • Member Removals = 0 (number of users removed from production)

When we're happy with these changes we can click [Confirm] to lock in and process the Import.

Example Workflows:

  • eg. Our Camera Assistant GARY CINEMA has left the production, we need their replacement to have the same permissions as their predecessor.
    • Export a CSV Report
    • Locate GARY CINEMA's details (first/last/email)
    • Duplicate GARY CINEMA'S row. Replace the new row details with those of FRANKIE MOXION (first/last/email)
    • Import CSV Report
      • FRANKIE MOXION will be added to the production with the same slate of Permissions as GARY CINEMA
    • Remove GARY CINEMA from within the Production in Moxion