Productions are used to organize all of the people and assets for a specific feature, season of episodic TV, commercial, or whatever else you may want to use Flow Capture for.  

Adding New Productions 

PLEASE NOTE: Only those who are Company Admins and who have permission to create new productions as per their deal will be able to do so. 

If you are a Company Admin and you don't see the ability to add a new Production, please reach out to support.

To add a new Production, first, click on the Desktop icon on the left, then, highlight the Group that you wish to add a Production under (in this case, the Group is called “Active”): 

Once you have the Group selected, the “Production +” button will appear: 

Once you click the “Production +” button, the new production panel will open on the right-hand side: 

Before you can create the production you’ll need to complete the following fields: 

  • Production Name: This is the name of the Project that you’ve selected. Note that it can be updated in the future at any time by anyone with admin permissions. 
  • Start and End Dates: These are the approximate dates for your production, to be used for your own reference 
  • License: This field has been built to support future product features. For now, it can be set to “Per Production” in almost all cases.

You can also include a description, change the Production color, or indicate the approximate storage you think you’ll be using if you wish.  

Lastly, you can select "Draft Production" to create the Production without sending any invitations to anyone else who you add to the Production. Unchecking this box will then send notifications to any participants added.

Once you’ve completed these fields, click on “Create” at the bottom, and your new Production will be active.  

Production Details 

With the Production selected on the left, the right-hand panel will provide a number of details related to your production. If you’re an admin, you’ll have the ability to change various settings or details that will impact the Production as a whole.  


At the top, you’ll see an Information tab. This will bring up general information about the Production selected, and will also allow you to change 2 things: 

  • Production Name: Hovering over the Production Name will bring up a pencil icon, which when clicked will allow you to change the name of your Production 
  • Production Image: At the bottom, you’ll see an option to upload a poster image for your Production  
Production Settings

The Production Settings tab will allow you to view the current Production level settings that were set during the creation process. The only fields that can be changed here are Description, Storage estimate, and Production Type.  


The Access tab will show you any Production-level teams that have been added, as well as the members of those teams. Any changes to these should be managed via the Manage Teams panel.  


The Security tab will allow you to change any security settings that affect the entire Production. 

Upload Options

The Upload Options  panel will allow you to adjust the validation and multi-channel audio layout options. Any settings here will affect all assets and folders within the Production  


This Watermarking tab will allow you to create new Watermark templates and apply them at the Production level. 

Personal Settings

This Personal Settings tab allow you to adjust your Email Notification settings. Setting them here will apply them to all folders across the entire production. Note that these settings impact notifications that are sent to you, not notifications that are sent by you.