These are used to organize all of the people and assets for a specific feature, season of episodic TV, commercial, or whatever else you may want to use Moxion for. To addone, click on the New Production card at the bottom of a Group's list of Productions:

The Create New Production dialogue box gives you options for naming and coloring the Production you're creating. 

The options available here mirror those in the Admin-level details of the production settings.

Production Settings

Productions also have their own Settings, which you can customize by selecting that option from their Action Menu

The settings available for customization depend on the level of permissions you've been assigned for the Production.

This will open up a window with your personal email notifications selected by default. Changing anything at the Production level will affect the behavior of every folder you have access to inside the production itself. The options here are similar to those available in your Personal Settings.

These give you the ability to stave off potentially large swaths of emails from your personal inbox, especially if you have folks who love to leave comments on every batch of Dailies. 

The Watermarking section allows you to see what's been set at this level, but it can only be altered by Admins. 


Those with Admin-level permissions have additional options at their disposal when viewing a Production's settings. The email options listed here are the same as those for other users. 

Clicking the Details section opens options that are specific to the Production, how it appears to others, and who can access it. 

  • Production Name - The title of the creative project that's being worked on. It can be updated from here. 
  • Color - The visual indicator associated with the production, as well as the default for any new folders created within it. 
  • Production Type - Designates the sort of work being done. 
    • In Production - A creative project that is some stage of active work (scouting, shooting, post, etc.)
    • Trial Production - For those trialing or demoing Moxion. 
    • Managed Folder - Intended for those who need to use the production as a more organizational tool, into which folders can be copied from elsewhere. 
  • Start Date - When active use of the production is intended to begin.
  • End Date - The estimated wrap date for the production. 
  • Storage Required - A ballpark guess of how much space you'll use. 
  • Usage - The amount of space that's actually being used by the production. 
  • Allow Company Admins - A toggle which lets you grant or restrict Company Admin access to the production. 

Asset Options

The two settings available here are the same as their folder level counterparts:

  • Validate Files Before Upload - Our upload process includes an optional validation step that can be enabled at the Folder, Production, or Company levels, where we will check for common issues with Dolby Vision or MXF files before they get uploaded to Moxion.
  • Multi-Channel Audio Layout - Moxion supports 5.1 sound in a number of file formats and two different channel layouts (SMPTE or Film ordering). Generally speaking, you can leave it on Auto (the default), where we will assume SMPTE ordering for any files that get uploaded. You'll only need to specify if the file you're uploading has enough audio tracks that it could be mistaken for another type of ordering. 

    More information about this can be found in our Audio Specification guide. 


The Watermarking options available here allow you to set the visual overlay watermark that's displayed throughout the production, and which would be burnt in if you allow watermarked downloads. 

Move a Production   

In addition to the Create, Edit and Delete functionality, you also have the ability to Move a Production from one Group to another.

This can be helpful for managing a Production throughout its lifecycle on Moxion.