Production Groups

The Moxion Desktop mode has a multi-tiered structure to help you organize and keep track of everything at a macro level within a Company. The separate tiers you can utilize in the Desktop mode are Groups, Productions, and Folders or Subfolders.

Note that only Company Administrators can create, edit, move and/or delete Groups, Productions within a Company. Production Admins can perform those actions at the Folder level.


These are the topmost level of organization within a Company on Moxion. Groups house individual Productions, which are typically single feature films or seasons of episodic work. You start with three Groups which are labelled Active, Archive and Post by default when a new Company is created. You can rename or add to these as you like. 

Create New Groups

You can add a new Group by clicking the New Group card below the list of Groups. In the modal window that pops up, just enter its name, select a color, and then click Create.

Edit or Delete a Group  

You can edit the name, change the color code, or delete a Group entirely by clicking the Action Menu icon on its card. This will bring up a window with options similar to those in the Group creation workflow, with the addition of Copy Group name.

Selecting Edit Group will bring up the options for it:

You can update and change these at any time.