Moxion for iPad (iPadOS)

Our iPad app is a handy way to be able to stay connected to whatever phase of production you're in. Within it, you can access and review any asset that you'd normally be able to see in our web or desktop apps. iPad Pro models from the 10.5" Pro model onward also support playback of HDR 10 and Dolby Vision assets which is useful for remote color review scenarios.

When using an iPad on set, we always recommend ensuring that the connection is via WiFi as opposed to cellular data. That typically offers a more stable and predictable connection, in addition to making any network-related issues easier to troubleshoot if they arise.


If you're working across more than one release environment within Moxion and have been added using the same email address in both places, you'll be presented with an extra step when you log in. 

After signing in, you'll be prompted to create a six-digit PIN code so you won't have to go through the full authentication process every time. The PIN you create will be valid for 30 days by default.


Getting around the iPad app is very similar to our desktop and web apps. Clicking the menu bar in the top left corner will bring up tabs for the Inbox, Desktop, Viewer, and Rooms sections.

These mostly work the same as the ones in their less portable counterparts, so reviewing how those work could be helpful if you're unfamiliar! It's important to understand that the iPad app does make some sacrifices for the playback and review focus it was designed for. This article will highlight those differences.


Designed to be a place with as few barriers between you and what you need to watch as possible, this view allows you to quickly switch between productions that you've been added to without having to log in and out. 

The assets themselves are organized chronologically into messages sent by either our automatic upload notifications or via specifically curated Playlinks. Selecting any message will show you the assets it contains. 

The biggest difference between the larger scale apps and this one is the ability to comment on any assets (not just ones in playlinks) directly from the Inbox. We'll go over the details of that below. It's also worth nothing that you cannot offline assets from the iPad app's Inbox - that has to be done from the Viewer section.


Much like the full-size apps, this all about top-level organization. 

You'll be able to get into any existing Productions or Folders that you'd normally have access to, but there are a couple key differences to keep in mind: 

  • The most significant is that you're not able to create any new additions to the existing organization (Folders, Subfolders, Productions, etc.). 
  • There is also a filter (set to All in the above screenshot) which allows you to only see folders where you've made one or more assets available offline.
  • There's no Information Panel displayed for the folder or production that's currently selected.


This has been pared down to make it a playback workhorse.

Many of the metadata-based grouping and filtering options are here if you want to sort within the folder to give yourself a more focused set of files to review or make available offline via the Manage button on the right side of the app. You've also got access to view all of the metadata and the ability to comment here using the same tools that are available in our standard apps. 

That said, you aren't able use any of the function tabs or actions that come with them.

This means that you cannot upload new assets, create playlinks, move or copy assets and manage users from the iPad app.


If you need to hop into a live review session, you can do that from the Moxion iPad app! This is a great session if you're doing anything related to color review.

All of the interactive functions are retained from the larger apps, so you can view any assets, leave temporary markup on Live assets or permanent markup against previously uploaded assets and even adjust the settings of the Room.

What you're not able to do here is add new participants or assets to the Room.


The iPad app supports playback for any asset that can be uploaded to Moxion, whether it's video (in HDR 10 or Dolby Vision), audio, stills, PDFs or a FLAC of ancient, possibly-cursed incantations (not advised). Whether you're watching SDR or HDR video, you can choose to take advantage of our Standardize Brightness feature if your iPad does not have reference mode.

When watching video, you have the full use of our transport controls to skip, fast forward or rewind. You can also pause playback and tap on either side of the player to advance frame by frame.

Fine controls like that and our jump to timecode function (also available in the app by tapping the timecode field), are both handy if you need to jump to a specific place in the asset.


The entire suite of commenting tools from our full-sized apps is also available here! If you're working out of the Inbox in the iPad app, you're able to leave comments against Playlinks. Otherwise, you can navigate into any folder and tap the word bubble to open up those tools. 

You can use the native iPadOS keyboard or an external one that you've connected to write your comment, and use any of the markup options to highlight something specific. 

Once you've posted it, the comment will be saved to that frame of the timecode for everyone else to see!

Screenshot Tool

The same screenshot tool that is found in our browser and desktop apps can be found in our iPad app, and functions in the exact same way. The only difference is the location ofthe screenshot tool icon, which can be found along the bottom just to the right of the transport controls: