Mid-May 2021

📣New Features and Updates🎉

These are the most notable new additions to Moxion in this release!

Realtime Review Preview Comes to Safari on the iPad

We've brought the Moxion Realtime experience to Safari on iPads! This will allow you to conduct live, remote review sessions with HDR assets when using compatible devices. 

Live Streaming for Moxion Mobile Apps

Moxion's beta Live streaming products are now compatible with our mobile apps! This is great if you're on the go or just want a more compact way to keep an eye on a shoot or editorial review.

Send Folder Hierarchy to Shotgun

We've expanded our Shotgun automation to handle data coming through from folder hierarchies that you've built up in Moxion. Toggle-able from any root folder, this update lets Moxion automatically send data to Shotgun from that folder (or any subfolders within it) in near real-time as changes are made to assets or their metadata. 

SAML 2.0 Support 

Our options for single sign on have grown to include support for SAML 2.0 in addition to Open ID Connect.

Clarified Messaging Around Moving Folders

We've updated the text related to Teams and Participants when you move a folder on Moxion to be more clear about what will and won't be inherited after the move. 


Here are the highlights of our resolved issues coming through in this release. 

Production Notifications Placement Issue

The location of your personal notifications at the production level has been potentially confusing, seeming to indicate that the options you're choosing could apply to all users. We've alerted the design of this to better indicate that the notifications you're setting are only for yourself. 

Out of Memory Issue with Large PDF Downloads

Downloads of large PDF files (around 400+MB) have had the potential to cause an out of memory error when being prepared for downloading. We have improved our handling of PDFs to prevent this errant behavior and allow for the successful creation of securely watermarked versions of these file types regardless of size. 

Comment Notifications, Hidden Batches Issue

Users with default or non-Admin permission levels have been getting notifications for comments that are made on assets that contained in a hidden batch. This has been fixed so comments can be left on assets in hidden batches without notifying users who are not able to see or otherwise access those batches.