Anything that's uploaded to Flow Capture can also be made available to yourself or other users for downloading. This applies to both the files that we encode for playback, with or without watermarks, as well as DNxHD transcodes of Immediates and even the source files. Given the potential reach, the ability to download is very restricted on Flow Capture.

Click below for a video walkthrough, or read on for a written instruction guide:

When downloading multiple files, Flow Capture will package all of the requested assets into a single zip archive to streamline the download process. Note that there is currently a 500 gb limit on ZIP files when downloading.

Note that large file sizes can cause problems when downloading in Safari, but there's an easy fix!

Getting Started

In order to be able to download, a user will need to be granted at least Downloader permissions. Downloader (No Watermark) or Admin permissions are needed to gain access to source files, DNxHD files and other assets without watermarks. If the original source file is in a format that can't be watermarked (ProRes, MXF, etc.), anyone with Downloader permissions will only be able to download the proxies, and Original files will not be selectable. 

It is also possible to restrict downloading across an entire company, production, and/or folder, but you will need to reach out to for more information on that!

Downloading in the Inbox

If you work predominantly out of the Inbox in Flow Capture, fret not! As long as you have the correct permissions, you'll still be able to download from here.

When you've found and selected the message that contains what you want to download, you can select file(s)  by clicking on the small checkbox icon and choosing Download.

If you're looking to download everything that's in the message itself, you can use the Download button that's next to the Play button and it will put everything into a single ZIP file.

The window that follows once you've selected either download option lists what is available for you:

These will vary depending on your permission level. If you only have the ability to get watermarked assets, then the option to uncheck Watermark Files won't be available.

Those depend on the resolutions and dynamic range being used for the assets. UHD HDR files will produce a lot more options than 1080p SDR.

If the files need to be watermarked, that will happen during this time. You can either wait for the process to finish or close the window and we'll send you an email once the files are ready. 

Downloading in the Asset View

If you're a little more in the detail work on Flow Capture, you can also download from the Asset View tab. When you're in the folder you're looking to download assets from, you can grab individual files by clicking on the small checkbox icon and choosing Download: 

To download multiple assets at a time, you can use either the Shift+click to select several of them

From there, the download process is the same as outlined in the Inbox section. You'll choose the type of files you want to download, and (if you've got the permissions), whether or not they'll be watermarked.

Downloading MXF files

If your production is using Immediates and wants to get a leg up on post or needs quicker access to material from reshoots, you can take advantage of Flow Capture's ability to create MXF files in the DNxHD36 or HD45 formats.

You can start in this process is to toggle on MXF transcoding in the folder where any footage is being uploaded to (and where you'll also have to be downloading from). That can be done from the upload options section of the folder settings. Once that's been enabled, we'll automatically create transcodes in whichever format you've selected when something is uploaded into the folder:

Note that this is not retroactive! You must enable MXF transcoding before files get uploaded.

Anyone who has to access the DNx files will need either Admin or Downloader (No Watermark) permissions. Opening up the download options for any files uploaded into this folder will now present you with an MXF dropdown

Within that, you'll be able to select the DNxHD files we've generated based on the selection you made during the setup portion.  

Downloading from Playlinks generally works exactly as you would expect. If you toggle the option to allow Downloading while getting it set up, anyone you send the Playlink to will be able to get watermarked versions fo the file(s) you send. 

It's also worth noting that allowing downloads on a playlink only affects the playlink itself and will not grant someone the ability to download from a folder or anywhere else in Flow Capture.

Downloads will have a different look depending on the type of playlink and where it's being viewed. If it's the Flow Capture Inbox, they'll see a new button next to Play.

With playlinks that are web-based or that you've started playing in the Inbox, the download button will show up in the bottom left corner of the app. 

Wherever you're viewing the Playlink, the options presented when you click the Download button are the same. The default file type for video downloads from playlinks is a watermarked, encoded file. 

Clean Playlink Downloads 

The only way someone can download unwatermarked files from a playlink is if they have been added to the folder the playlink was sent from with at least Downloader (No Watermark) permissions.

Downloading Errors

In rare instances, you may notice that instead of the expected file you received one with a .crdownload file extension. This indicates that the file you were attempting to download only managed to partially complete, either through being interrupted. It could also mean that someone attempted to try and watch the file before it finished downloading. 

The best fix is to retry the download, ensuring that the file completes before anyone attempts to view it.