Playlinks are a great way to distribute curated collections of content to a specific user or group of users regardless of whether they've been added to a given Production or Folder on Flow Capture. They can also be used to gather feedback from those same people through commenting and markup tools. 

For a complete, step-by-step walkthrough on how to create a Playlink, have a look at our Making Playlinks article. The rest of this one will go over the following Playlink features:

Keep in mind that Playlinks can only be created by those with Administrator or specific Uploader/Downloader permissions. It is also possible for them to collaborate on each others' playlinks in the same Folder. 

If you're using Playlinks to distribute HDR assets for color review, you'll want to be sure that your viewers are watching it within the Flow Capture iPad app for the best experience, as our standardize brightness feature isn't compatible with Safari on an iPad.

At any time after a Playlink has been started and an asset added, you can either discard or save it as a draft to finish later by X-ing out of the panel.

After saving, your Playlink draft will appear in the Playlink panel. You can come back to that Playlink at any time and continue your progress by highlighting the relevant Playlink under the Drafts heading and choosing Edit.

You can Save a Playlink on any of the first 3 steps (Assets, Participants or Options) in the Playlink workflow by X-ing out of the creation process.

Once you reach the final Overview step in the workflow, you have the choice to View (once you've saved the changes), Save, or Send.

Any updates made to an existing playlink are done silently and won't send out additional emails to existing recipients, including removing assets or people. Once the changes have been made, it will move back up to the top of their Flow Capture Inbox. If you want to put it back on someone's radar, you can choose to resend the playlink and they'll get an email notification. 

Resending a Playlink

You can resend an Active Playlink by highlighting the one you want to redistribute on the main page of the Playlinks panel.

To resend to all Participants, click the Resend button at the bottom of the panel. You can also resend to individual Participants by clicking the Resend button to the right of the user's name and email.

Unexpiring a Playlink

Any Playlinks you've already sent that have passed their view-by date can also be reactivated. Select the Playlink from under the Expired heading and then click the Unexpire button.

That will reopen the Playlink creation process at the Options stage, where you will be able to choose a new expiration date for the Playlink. 

After the date has been updated, any recipients will be able to view the Playlink using the same information as before. 

Copying Playlinks

You can also copy an existing Playlink of any kind (Active, Expired, or Draft) to use as a template for a new one. This is handy if you've got a group of assets that you want to share with a new set of people, a different batch of assets to share with the same folks, or maybe you just want a head start on making a new Playlink.

To get started, open up the Playlink tab in the Viewer and select the one you want to Copy. 

The Duplicate button next to Preview will create the initial copy. From there, the workflow is the same as the standard one for Playlink creation, only all the information from the previous one will be filled in. 

Make any updates you want and then you're free to save or send the copied Playlink out!