Early July 2021

📣New Features and Updates🎉

These are the most notable new additions to Moxion in this release!

New Production Creation Window

We've added a few more fields to the workflow when you're creating a new Production. You can now specify start and end dates for every production as well as estimates of how much storage it may use. 

Cached Playlink Expiration Dates

The playlinks you create now remember the last date you've chosen for expiration, allowing you to more quickly create ones with a specific end date and time. 

PDF Support for the iPhone Inbox

Keep those digital documents close at hand - the Inbox in our most portable app can now display PDFs!


Here are the highlights of our resolved issues coming through in this release.

Sporadically Applied Tags

There has been an issue where selecting an asset, applying a tag to it, then selecting the following asset produces a situation where you're not able to apply a tag the second asset. The fix we've released ensures that you're able to apply a tag to any asset you've selected in any order. 

Realtime Session Name Hindering Workflows

An issue has been surfaced where the name field of a Realtime session isn't enforcing its limit of 45 characters, which is preventing the successful creation of the new session. The fix properly enforces the character limit so that you are able to create a session without any issue. 

Upload Errors Not Being Reported

Some recent uploads have failed while also not reporting that failure to the person doing the upload or the proper channels at Moxion. Our fix has increased the visibility of the failed assets in the Upload panel and Lock Screen, added an option to retry the upload (if applicable), and added better reporting for the error in the Moxion backend.