SRT Live Stream Setup

Flow Capture supports live streams into our platform from devices and applications that utilize the SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) video protocol. It can be something as simple as an iPhone or iPad running an app like Larix Broadcaster or more dedicated, SRT-ready hardware solutions like Haivision's Makito X1, X4 line and the Teradeck 600/700 Cube series. 

Flow Capture's support of SRT Live Streaming is currently only compatible with the H.264 codec.

While this article will be walking through the setup using a mobile app, the steps and terminology we go through will still translate to other platforms.

Teradek: Using Core to Send a Secured Stream (SRT) to a Third-Party Decoder

Set Up - Flow Capture

Once Live Streaming has been enabled at either the Company or Production level on your account by a member of the Flow Capture team, all of the control will be in your hands! 

When enabled, it becomes a folder setting alongside watermarking and our other folder-level tools - once we're in our destination folder we'll want to click Create Stream and select SRT DEVICE as the source for the new Live Asset we'll be creating.

Note that anyone who needs to set up a Live Stream or access that panel has to have at least Uploader permissions!

Set Up - Device/Application

Within our host streaming device we'll want to open up Settings and set up a new connection:

Enter the Stream URL into it's appropriate field, followed by the Stream ID and Token/Passphrase

Note: For many applications you may need to enter the Stream URL for the additional fields to appear.

Once the connection has been set up, ensure that it's saved where applicable.

With the connection set up all that's left to do is go live - when the feed is active it will appear within the Folder and as a message at the top of all applicable participants' Flow Capture Inbox.

General SRT Settings

Connection Mode / SRT Sender Mode: Caller

Required Fields

  • url
  • streamid
  • Enable passphrase (if off)
  • encryption (256)