SRT Live Stream Devices

Since SRT is an open protocol, there are a number of devices which should work out-of-the-box once configured correctly to direct the stream to a Flow Capture Live Asset.

Due to the quantity of these devices on the market, we can’t attest to their individual security. There are many generic devices (white label) available cheaply from international marketplaces and because of this we recommend approaching the security of any newly acquired device on a case-by-case basis and only purchasing from reputable resellers.

Color Accuracy is determined by the device itself - if you have a supported encoder you will be able to  stream HDR video into Flow Capture .

Example Devices - General

These options aren't geared towards any specific use and are equally suited for work in the field, studio, or edit bay.

MAKITO X4 Video Encoder

by HaiVision [Link to Product]

LiveU Solo

by LiveU [Link to Product]

Teradek Cube

by TeraDek [Link to Product]


by NewTek [Link to Product]

Example Devices - For Video Assists

The following options are ideal additions to a video assist's rig.

Kiloview SDI to NDI HX Encoder

by Kiloview [Link to Product]

Kiloview Cradle Series (Rack Mounted)

by Kiloview [Link to Product]

All devices illustrated above are provided as examples of products supporting SRT outputs and are not affiliated with Flow Capture in any way