Removing Users

Users can be removed from a Folder, a Team, a Production, or a Company. See below for how to perform each of these functions.

Removing from a Folder

To remove a user from a Folder older, first ensure that the Folder in question is selected in the middle column. Under the Participants column on the right, make sure that the blue "Participants" tab is selected. Next, find that user, hover over their contact card, and click the 'X' in the upper right hand column. You'll be asked to confirm, and once you do, that user will no longer have access to that Folder.

Note: For more info on the "Playlink" column, have a look at our doc on " The Participant Columns

Removing from a Team

To remove a user from a Team, first click on the Team in the "Teams" column that you wish to remove them from. Next, find that user under the "Contacts" column to the left of the "Teams" column, at which point the plus ("+") sign next to the Team name will become a minus ("-") sign. Click on that minus sign to remove that user from that Team. Note that removing someone from a Team will also revoke their access to any Folder that they were granted access to by way of that Team being added to That folder. 

Removing from a Production

To remove a user from a Production entirely, first ensure that the Production you wish to remove them from is displayed in the middle column, to avoid removing them from the wrong one. Next, in the Contacts column, ensure that the blue "Production" tab is selected, and find that user either by searching or scrolling down.  Once you've found that user, click the X in the upper right hand corner of their contact card, and they will be removed from that Production. All access to all Folders and subfolders within that Production will be revoked.

Removing from a Company

To remove a user from a Company entirely, repeat the steps for removing from a Production, but instead of selecting the blue "Production" tab, select the "All" tab to the left of it. Clicking the X in the upper right hand corner of the contact card with "All" selected will remove that user from all Productions under that Company.

Note: You will need to be a Company Admin to be able to remove someone at the Company level, and of course, you will only be able to remove them from your Company or Productions / Folders under your Company. Their account will still be active, as the user may still be a participant on other Productions under other Companies.