Flow Capture Rooms: Creating a Room

To create a Flow Capture Room, you need to ensure that you have a (Share) permission set or Admin-level permissions within the Production where you'll be creating the Room.

Rooms can have a maximum of 25 participants and 1TB of storage (where applicable).

Creating the Room

Click below for a video walkthrough, or refer to the written instructions below.

To get started, click the Create Room button beneath the Rooms tab at the top of the page. This will open up a window where you can name the Room, choose the production it will be associated with. You can also add an optional description. That and the name of the Room will be visible to all the participants you add to it.

Click the Save button once you've entered all that info, and you'll be brought back to the main Rooms page, with your new Room selected.

With the new Room (or any other one) selected, you'll see the Lobby Sidebar on the right side of the app:

Beneath the button to minimize the sidebar, there are four sections to help you configure the Room before opening it, or make changes to it down the road. From top to bottom those sections are, briefly:

  • Information - General details about the Room itself.
  • Assets - Everything related to what you would be reviewing in the Room.
  • Participants - Controls related to the people who will be in the Room.
  • Settings - Miscellaneous options for how the room works.

We'll break those down in more detail below!


The name and description of the room will be displayed here for everyone to see. It will also show you the production that it's under, how many assets, playlists and participants are connected to it, as well as who created it and when.

You can also share the room with others by using the Copy Link button, and go into the room via the Enter Room button.

Adding Assets

You can begin to add assets now that you've finished creating the room. Open the Assets Menu using the third button down on the right side of the app. From there, click Add Assets to open up a window with all the available playlists you can add to the room. Clicking the + sign next to a Playlist will add all the assets from it to your Room.

Note that live assets are the only ones you can add to a room outside of a playlist. All of other types of assets on Flow Capture must to be added as part of a playlist.

Video walkthrough below:

Clicking the Live icon ((●)) will also allow you to add a Live Stream via Flow Capture Connect. You can get that going by downloading the standalone app and pasting a code from it into the window that pops up when you click the Add Live Stream button in the Room.

Video Walkthrough Below:

If you need to update the order of the assets in the Room, you can do so by dragging and dropping in the sidebar to create a preferred viewing order. 

Now that you've got what you need to review added to the Room, it's time to get the people you want to participate!


The fourth button down along the right side of the app, this panel is where you can view the current participants within a Room. If you're a host, it's also where you can add or remove participants, or promote someone else to Host status, giving them a similar level of control to the person who's creating the Room.

Clicking the Add Participants button will open up a window where you can add people to the Room.

There are three ways you can add someone as a participant to a Room:

  • From Production Contacts - Scroll the list to find who you're looking for or use the Search box to out the other contacts from the list. Once you've found them, click + to add them to the Room.
  • From Teams - Switch to the list of Teams by clicking the button next to individual contacts represented by the icon with 2 people. Here you can add people that you've grouped together ahead of time. You can also expand the team to find specific users within it. Click + to add them to the list.

  • Via Email - Enter an email, or a list of emails, into the Add Person box and click Save to add them to as a participant.

Once you've got new people added, you may want to make one or more of them a Host of the Room.

Here's a breakdown of what participants Hosts can do to:

  • Open, Close and Edit a Room
  • Invite Participants
  • Control the Room when in the default Sync with Host mode
  • Mute or Unmute participants in a Room

An extra Host or two can be essential if you're just setting the Room up ahead of time, but aren't the person who will be running the session(s) that will be happening there.

Once you've added all the people you need to the Room, you may want to change how they can interact with it.

Video Walkthrough Below:


This is where the creators and Hosts of the Room can make changes to its settings.

Here's a breakdown of what each of these options does:

  • Mute All On Entry - Defaults users to having their mics switched off when they join a Room.
  • Allow Participants to Unmute - Allows users to unmute themselves within a Room.
  • Close Room - This will temporarily shut the room down. That also kicks out any participants who are still in it and makes the room inaccessible. It can be re-opened in the future.
  • Delete Room - Permanently removes the Room from the production.

A deleted Room cannot be recovered! You will have to recreate it from scratch.

Video Walkthrough Below:

Now that everything is ready, it's time to start

Opening the Room

If you're all set to go, you can get the Room going by clicking the Open Room button on the Room itself, or by selecting it and clicking the same button in the Lobby Sidebar.

Video Walkthrough Below:

It's also helpful to note here that Rooms have 4 states:

  • Draft - While you're setting up a new Room, it will be in DRAFT state until it's opened.
  • Open - The Room is now live and can be entered and exited at will by anyone who is a participant. Rooms can remain open for as long as you'd like, and will remain in the open state until closed. Note that exiting a Room does not close it by default. The owner or a Room's host must actively choose to close the Room by selecting "Close & Leave" when leaving or closing it from the Rooms tab.
  • Closed - Once a room is no longer needed, it can be closed by the owner of that Room. Once moved to closed, it can no longer be entered by its participants. Closed Rooms can be re-opened and will retain the same playlist and group of participants it had before unless those have been changed in the interim.
  • Deleted - Once a room is no longer needed and you know you’ll never need to re-open it again, it can be deleted. Deleted rooms are gone forever and cannot be re-opened. 

    Video walkthrough below:

When you're ready to open the Room, click the Open button to head on in. This will also send an email notification to any participants, letting them know the Room is ready.