2023/03 - Early March Release


Rooms: Check available Room licenses

Following our 2023/02 - Mid February Release and the release of Moxion Rooms you can now see how many rooms are available for your production when mousing over the Create Room button.

Rooms: Create Production

You can now search for a Production in the list when opening a Moxion Room.

Rooms: Remove Users

You can now remove users from a Room in progress. The removed user will receive a dialog to let them know they've been removed from the room.

Playlinks: Medium Secure Playlinks

The dialog box recipients will receive when opening a Medium Secure Playlink has been updated to read "Submit" from "Log In" to help onboard users who do not have an account.

Asset Validation: Surround Sound

We've updated the Asset Validation tool to let you know if an asset being uploaded may have mismatched channel ordering compared to the setting in Folder Settings

Bug Fixes

macOS: Safari Playback

We've identified and resolved an issue which could cause some assets to have playback issues specifically when using the Safari web browser.

Viewer: Assets

We've identified and resolved and issue where the Viewed/Unviewed filters did not work as expected when viewing assets in a batch.