Watermark Templates

Flow Capture now has the ability for Watermark Templates to be created.

To create a Watermark Template, first, browse to the Production Settings, and select the Watermarking tab. Once selected, click the "Create New Template" button:

The template creation interface will then open up, which will allow you add new elements and customize them for opacity, size, positioning, etc. For each element, clicking the "Create" button will add it to that template:

The "Text" dropdown contains the different element types that can be added, and include all of the same elements that are available to be watermarked:

Once a Watermark Template has been created, it will show up in your list of templates and can be edited, renamed, or deleted:

A Watermark Template can be apply to the entire production, a specific folder or at the playlink level!

It can be added to a Playlink while building it by first stepping through to the Options tab, then selecting the dropdown next to the Playlink Watermark label:

Note: Some users may need to scroll down in order to see this section, depending on their screen's resolution.

If no Watermark template is selected, the default watermark will be used, which are based on the watermark settings for the folder that the Playlink is being sent from (under Folder Settings).