Moxion Rooms: Hosting a Room

Hosting a Room

Once you're in the Room, you'll find a view that's very similar to our Playlinks. Here, the Lobby Sidebar is still on the right side of the app. Along the left side, you'll see all the assets you've added, as well as the tab where you can add and filter out all the Live assets in here.

As a host, you'll have access to a wide array of options to help customize the Room even after been opened.

Sync Settings

As a Host, we have a number of Sync settings available
  • Hosts: Sync Options
    • Host: Sync playback with the Host of the Room. When they change assets, scrub the timeline or play/pause this will sync with all participants and keep everyone on the same page.
    • Everyone: Sync playback with everyone in the room. All participants will be able to change assets, scrub the timeline or play/pause and this will sync for everyone else. 
    • No one: Unsynced playback. Participants are free to pull up different assets or scrub to different locations without affecting playback for anyone else in the Room.

Adding Live Assets via Moxion Connect

When in the Room, we're able to click the ((•)) Live button to switch the left column from Assets to Live Assets. From there we can choose "Add Live Stream" to start the connection to Moxion Connect.

Once connected the room will show in Moxion Connect under the name of the Room. We can then go through Moxion Connect setup to choose our Stream Source.
When the asset has gone Live by clicking the ((•)) button it will automatically appear in the Room with the LIVE status.

Manage Participants

The Participants icon will bring up the list of participants currently in the Room. As a host, you'll also be able to add new participants while the Room is open by clicking the Manage Participants button at the bottom:

Once clicked, it will open up the same panel as when we added participants on creation: 

Rooms Usage

Admins who have access to the Repor