Flow Capture Support Access and Privacy

Flow Capture's support team is here to help you whenever the need should arise. In order to allow them to assist you as fast as possible, they have a limited Administrative access across our platform that is both secure and auditable.

Does this mean you can watch everything we've uploaded?

It does not! No one at Flow Capture, at any level, is able to watch or view any of the files that you've uploaded to our platform without your explicit permission.

If you need us to view an asset to confirm a playback error or for any other reason, you will have to grant our team Support Access through your Flow Capture account.

This is the only way we are able to view files that you have uploaded to our platform. Without Support Access enabled, our team can only see the thumbnails on your files.

What about downloads?

The same restriction on viewing also applies to downloads. No one on Flow Capture's support team can download files that have been uploaded to our platform.

If you want us to be able to do that for troubleshooting purposes, we would need to have Support Access to an account that has download permissions. We also require permission from someone on the highest level admin team your production has (typically a Company or Production admin).

Is Support Access on by default?

No! It is disabled for everyone and can only be enabled by a user who has signed in to their account on our browser or desktop apps.

Once your issue has been resolved, our support team will remind you to disable Support Access on your account.