Downloading and Uploading in Flow Capture Connect Transfer

Once you've gotten acclimated to Connect Transfer, it's time to get to work adding new files or pulling down existing ones.


After you've gotten to the folder that has the file or files you need, select them by checking the box next to it and then click the Download button.

From there, choose what you want to download; the original file (if you have permission) or one of the encoded files.

All downloaded files are watermarked by default. If you need to work with clean files and cannot switch off the Watermark Files toggle, please contact an admin from your company or production to request a modification of your permissions.

Once your selections have been made, click Confirm to begin the download. This will bring up a progress bar with the status of everything you're downloading.

The download can be halted or canceled at any time by clicking the pause or X buttons in the progress window. The back arrow will bring you out of your current download.

From there, you'll see a log of all the uploads or downloads that you've done for future reference.

Clicking into any of those previous transfers will give you a list of all the files that were associated with them.

Uploading Assets

To add assets to Flow Capture, navigate to the folder that will be the destination for your files by navigating through the company, production, and folders or subfolders.

From there, click the Upload button to bring up a file browser for your computer. Choose what you're going to upload and then confirm to add it. This will bring you to a screen in that summarizes how many files you're adding, the total size, and where they're getting uploaded to.

Click the Confirm button in the bottom right corner of the app to start the upload. Like downloads, you'll have a progress window that shows how everything is going.

If you need to, the upload can be paused or canceled from here with the same controls you'd use for those actions when downloading; the X will cancel the upload and pause will halt everyting.

The back arrow will return you to the transfer summary screen where you can track the overall processs of your upload, and check on any other work you've got going on!

Working With Folders in Connect

Connect Transfer also gives you the ability to upload an entire folder structure into Flow Capture, or download an existing one from Flow Capture for easier archiving. This can be done using the same upload and download processes.

The main difference when uploading is that instead of choosing a file or files, you pick a folder to upload.

The rest of the process goes through as it would for file-based uploads, but once it's made it up, you'll have that structure in Flow Capture itself.

If you want to download the same, navigte to where the folder or folders you want are located. Check the box next to all the ones you want, and then click Download.

After the download is complete, the folders will show up in the download location, with all the files and subfolders they had on Flow Capture.