Flow Capture Connect Transfer

In addition to its Live Streaming capabilities, Connect also allows you to upload or download files to Flow Capture. Those can be done individually as our standard uploads work, but also with entire productions or sections of a folder structure to allow for simpler offline backup of projects that have wrapped and no longer need to have all of their assets available within Flow Capture.

Linking your Flow Capture Account

To start transferring files to and from Flow Capture, you'll need to connect our account. If you haven't already, make sure you've installed Flow Capture Connect.

Once that's been taken care of, open up Connect and click on the Transfers tab at the top of the app. From there, select the Go to Login button.

This will open up a new page in your browser prompting you to sign in to Flow Capture using the credentials associated with your account.

At the end of that login, you'll be asked to confirm a code that's displayed in Flow Capture Connect:

That code can be found in the URL underneath the "We're logging you in..." message that's being displayed in Connect. It will always be six characters, in ALL CAPS (in the screenshots below, it's PFKTKD).

After entering the code and clicking Continue, you'll see the following message in the browser confirming that you've linked Connect to your Flow Capture account.

Navigating Connect Transfer

After successfully connecting and logging in, the Transfer tab in Flow Capture Connect will present you with a variety of information and some options to choose from.

Flow Capture and Transfer

These tabs can be found in the second row, just beneath the switchers for Connect and Transfer at the top of the app.

  • Flow Capture - This is where you'll navigate to find the files you want to download, or the location that your files will be uploaded to.
  • Transfers - Any download or upload activity, past or present, can be found here.

Breadcrumb Trail and Desktop

The next row down contains your navigation path, which is tied to the section at the bottom of the page where you'll find all the companies, productions and folders you have access to.

Clicking into a company gives you a list of all the productions you have access to under it. Choosing a production from there will bring you to the top level of folders, and going inside a folder will show you any subfolders it has, as well as any files that have been uploaded into it already.

Upload and Download

Once you've located the place where you need to add or get files, you'll use these buttons to perform the desired action.

We go over those in our article on Downloading and Uploading.


This allows you to look through whatever is currently displayed in the desktop section.

If you're within a company, you can search for a specific production. From inside there you'll be able to look for a folder, and inside a folder, you can narrow down for specific files or subfolders.

Now you're ready to start working with Connect Transfer! Head over to our Downloading and Uploading article for a full walkthrough.