Transferring Files with Moxion Connect

In addition to its Live Streaming capabilities, Connect also allows you to upload or download files to Moxion. Those can be done individually as our standard uploads work, but also with entire productions or sections of a folder structure to allow for simpler offline backup of projects that have wrapped and no longer need to have all of their assets available within Moxion.

Connecting your Moxion Account

To start transferring files to and from Moxion, we first need to connect our account. First, click Go to Login to start this process.

Once logged in and after confirming the activation code you'll see the following screen confirming that you are now connected.

Transferring Assets

Uploading Assets

Navigate to the folder location using the path bar. When in the open folder, click [Upload] to open the file browser and select assets for upload.

After clicking [Confirm] the upload will begin

Downloading Assets

Select the assets you want to download with the checkmarks, then click Download to choose your asset settings (Original File/Proxy) start the Transfer by clicking Confirm

Assets are now being downloaded to the selected location on your computer.