Flow Capture Connect

Flow Capture Connect is a multi-purpose standalone app that you can use for live streaming, uploads to, and downloads from Flow Capture without having to keep yet another tab open in your web browser.

Its Live Streaming capabilities allow you to broadcast directly from your Avid bay into a Flow Capture Room for collaborative edit sessions. Connect also supports HDR, giving you the ability to stream your color grading sessions out to a remote team.

The Transfer function lets you upload or download files from Flow Capture from outside of the browser or desktop app. Uploads and downloads can be for one or more files, as our standard uploads work, but Transfer also opens up those actions across entire productions or sections of your folder structure to allow for simpler backup of projects that have wrapped and no longer need to have all of their assets available within Flow Capture.

Get Flow Capture Connect

To get started working, you'll need to get it on the machine you want to use to broadcast your stream into Flow Capture. You can find links to get the app for Windows and macOS below. 

Once the app has downloaded, it's time to start the installation

Detailed Walkthroughs

We have a number of articles to assist you with more specific features of Flow Capture Connect: