Adaptive Streaming

This allows Flow Capture to automatically adjust the quality of video playback to provide you with the best viewing experience possible based on the strength of your internet connection

When a video is uploaded to Flow Capture, we default to creating up to six transcoded resolutions if 4K has been enabled:

If you'd like to restrict the viewing options to one or more specific resolutions, you can do so from the Folder's Settings. 

Having multiple resolutions available allows for better flexibility in situations where bandwidth may be an issue, while still letting you choose to make only the best quality your preference.

Adaptive Streaming currently requires DRM to be enabled for playback to change according to your bandwidth! Disabling DRM will require you to manually switch resolutions or wait for the asset to load.

Streaming Controls

Users can access the allowed playback resolutions from the resolution selector in the Transport Controls.

Our player will remember your preferred resolution after being selected, so that all subsequent Assets will playback at that resolution if it's available.


When Auto is selected Flow Capture will play the most applicable resolution from the available options based on your internet connection speed.  

With 1080, 720 and 480 streams available and a good internet connection, Flow Capture will default to 1080p. If the connection drops at any time, we'll select and play a more applicable resolution - 720p or 480p - and bump it back up to 1080p when connectivity improves. This way you've got a playable resolution to fit whatever condition you find yourself viewing in. 

Caveat: Flow Capture's Adaptive Streaming features can vary from Chrome to Safari and have dependencies around other features such as DRM and Watermarked Streaming. For example it's not possible to use the Auto bitrate selector in Safari, due to Apple's Fairplay DRM. These factors are constantly under review with our technology partners but if you have any questions around this subject don't hesitate to contact Flow Capture Support.