Bandwidth Recommendations

Whenever we can, Flow Capture will deliver you the best possible quality possible based on your connection. We've put together this guide to help give you an idea of what we're able to do at various connection levels. 

Video Playback

These are our bandwidth recommendations for playback of the different quality levels available for video assets on Flow Capture, whether you're watching Dailies in 1080p SDR or doing color review with either of our 10-bit HDR offerings. 

Flow Capture's Adaptive Streaming will always deliver the best available playback that your current bandwidth allows.  

Flow Capture Realtime Rooms

Whether you're hosting or joining a Room that will be watching any of the above options, the amount of bandwidth you'll need to factor in to the above numbers is the same. 

Audio Only

If the Room is only going to have audio chat, you just need an additional 0.5Mbps of bandwidth in addition to what's required for video playback.

Video Chat

If you're adding video chat to your Realtime Room, that will be an extra 300Kbps per person, or 3Mbps for every ten people on video on the call.