Video Playback

There are a lot of ways to watch your assets on Moxion, and many different types of assets you can review! Here we'll go over what we recommend in terms of bandwidth and environment for all of our video options.


Moxion has a number of advanced playback features, some of which may not be compatible with the platform where you're viewing. 

If your preferred environment isn't listed here, check back later! We're always working to increase support for advanced features across as many platforms as possible, so reach out to if you're interested in having us expand our HDR10 and Dolby Vision support across more browsers!

Bandwidth Recommendations

These are the ideal connection speeds we suggest for playback of all the different resolution and dynamic range levels available for video assets on Moxion, whether you're watching Dailies in 1080p SDR or doing color review with either of our 10-bit HDR offerings. 

Moxion's Adaptive Streaming will always deliver the best available playback that your current bandwidth allows. 

Adaptive Streaming currently requires DRM to be enabled for playback to change according to your bandwidth! Disabling DRM will require you to manually switch resolutions or wait for the asset to load. 

Moxion Realtime

If the Room you're going to be in is only utilizing audio chat, you just need an additional 0.5Mbps of bandwidth in addition to what's required for video playback. If you're adding video chat to your Realtime Room, that will be an extra 300Kbps per person, or 3Mbps for every ten people on video on the call. 


There are a number of different ways you can view assets on Moxion, and each has their own ideal setup and use-case.

  • Apple TV - Our app is the ideal home viewing option. Also great for color review or small screenings. This is built off of the Moxion Inbox view, so if something shows up there, it will also show up here.
    • Setup - Our app is optimized for the Apple TV 4K models. If you're going to be viewing HDR assets, then an HDR-capable OLED display rated to 1000 nits of brightness such as an LG C9 or CX will give you the best quality. 
  • iPad - A solidly portable option for HDR color review and any other playback task you could want Moxion for. Also allows you to make assets viewable offline if you're going to be away from the internet for any period of time.
    • Setup - Any iPad capable of running the most recent version of iPad OS will do for SDR playback. If you're doing HDR Review, you'll need a 10.5" iPad Pro or newer that utilizes a brightness level which has been keyed to the project reference monitor.
  • iPhone - The viewer you have with you; another good portable option built off the Moxion Desktop. As with the iPad, you're able to both view in HDR and offline assets here.
    • Setup - Any iPhone that can run the latest version of iOS will be able to handle general viewing and offlining of assets. To view HDR footage, you'll need an iPhone 8 or newer. 
  • Browser - Lets you view securely in SDR at up to 4K in either Safari, Chrome, or Edge. The latter two allow for increased compatibility with Windows users, while Safari (v. 13.1 and up) also supports Dolby Vision playback.
    • Setup - Moxion is optimized for the latest versions of all the above browsers, so we recommend keeping your preferred one as up to date as possible. You'll also need to use an HDR-capable display (e.g. Apple XDR or Sony BVM-X300) for playback.
  • Desktop App - The apps for macOS and Windows 10 also let you view SDR assets at up to 4K, and any other files which have been uploaded to Moxion.
    • Setup - Each app is designed to work with the most recent version of their respective operating systems.