Activity Stream

The Activity Stream allows Administrators to monitor user actions that have occurred within a given Folder. This could be anything as general as viewing an asset or as specific the Video Assist operator creating their API Key for Flow Capture Immediates.

Click below for a video walkthrough, or read on for written instructions:

The left-hand column lists all of the actions tracked and reported by the Activity Stream. Selecting any one will allow you to filter the center column by that specific action. 

The center column is the full stream of activity on the the Folder from day one. Each action is clickable for more detail

The right-hand column lists all of the users who have been involved in the Folder in some way. It contains both current users and those who have left or been removed. 

Filter combinations:

  • By Activity
  • By User
  • By User and Activity

Action Details

Clicking on the activity itself, or downward arrow next to it, will display details about that action. Handy information for those with an eye for an audit!

The information provided includes:

  • Device - The thing the action was performed on. 
  • IP Address - Where on the internet that action happened. 
  • Operating System - What the user who performed the action was running on their device or computer.
  • Location - Where on Earth that action happened.