Working Offline on iPhone

The Flow Capture iPhone app offers you granular control over what you make available for consumption when your connection to the web is going to be intermittent or nonexistent. Video, audio, stills, and PDFs can all be made available for in-app playback without internet access, which is handy if you're scouting in remote locations or flying cross country and have work to do. 

Permissions and Availability

The use of the Flow Capture app’s Offline feature requires you to be at least a Viewer with iOS Offline permissions in order to make assets available for offline playback. Any level of Downloader or Administrator will have this ability by default.

Assets that have been offlined within the app will expire after 90 days. If you'd like to customize this at either the Company, Production or Folder level, please reach out to Flow Capture Support.

Making Assets Available Offline

While connected to the internet, log in to your Flow Capture account on your iPhone. Once you're in, there are two ways to make an asset available offline: via the Assets tab, or via the Inbox. 

Assets Tab

To make an asset offline via the Assets Tab, first tap the menu icon in the top right corner to bring up the different sections of the app, then click Assets.  

Next, navigate to the folder where the assets live. Once there, click the 3 vertical dots next to that asset, which will bring up the "Make Available Offline" option at the bottom of your screen.

Once you click the "Make Available Offline" button, Flow Capture will begin processing the asset for offline viewing. Clicking on the "Offlining" button at bottom will bring up the progress bar, showing you how much time is left before that asset becomes available for offline viewing:

During the offline process the app should be kept in the foreground. Backgrounding the app during the offline process may lead to a failed upload signified by orange dots.

Inbox Offlining  

If you've been sent a notification about an asset being made available to you (such as an upload notification for a folder you’re on, or a Playlink with specific assets), with the right permissions, you can make those assets available offline right from the Inbox.  

To do so, first, tap the menu icon in the top left corner to bring up the different sections of the app, then click Inbox.  

Next, click on any notification, and then click the "Offline" option, which will make all assets within that notification available to you offline.

You'll then see the offline process begin processing, and a status bar will appear at the bottom. 

Viewing Offline Assets

Once assets have been made available for offline viewing, you can do so via the Offline tab. This is located in the left hand navigation section, directly below the Assets tab:

For more on navigating the iPhone app in general, please review our iPhone App help doc located here: iPhone App