Working Offline on iPhone

The Moxion iPhone app offers you granular control over what you make available for consumption when your connection to the web is going to be intermittent or nonexistent. Video, audio, stills, and PDFs can all be made available for in-app playback without internet access, which is handy if you're scouting in remote locations or flying cross country and have work to do. 

Permissions and Availability

The use of the Moxion app’s Offline feature requires you to be at least a Viewer with iOS Offline permissions in order to make assets available for offline playback. Any level of Downloader or Administrator will have this ability by default.

Assets that have been offlined within the app will expire after 90 days. This can be customized by request at either the Company, Production or Folder level. Reach out to Moxion Support help with that. 

Making Assets Available Offline

The first step in this process is navigating to the Folder that has the assets you're looking to download. You'll need to hop from the Inbox to the Desktop and locate it from there.

Once you're inside the folder, tap the Download button to open up the controls for choosing what you'll be offlining. You can select either a batch, as indicated by the third frame below, or a single asset (the fourth frame):

Once you've got everything you want to download ready to go, tap Continue to review your download. You may need to scroll down to find the button if your screen isn't large enough. 

This page will show you summaries of how many files you're making available for offline playback as well as any that you're removing from offline storage. It will also show the changes to storage space you're making. 

Tapping the Continue button will start the prep phase, where watermarks are being added to the everything you're making available so that they're as secure as we can make them!

After the watermarks have been applied, you'll see the download begin. Make sure you keep the app open and foregrounded while the assets are being downloaded. 

Once the download process is complete, you'll see a green dot next to every asset, Batch, and (if you check) Folder and Production that contains offlined assets. 

All the asset you downloaded are now ready for offline viewing. Now hurry - you've got to catch that flight!

During the offline process the app should be kept in the foreground. Backgrounding the app during the offline process may lead to a failed upload signified by orange dots.