HDR Compatibility

HDR and Dolby Vision are still relatively new technologies and are not always compatible with everywhere you'd normally watch SDR video assets. These charts will give you a quick visual checklist of what devices are compatible with Flow Capture's HDR and Dolby Vision integrations. 

Please note that you will need to keep DRM enabled in order to view HDR assets.

Mac Devices

These are the Apple computers that are compatible with Dolby Vision content, either through their native display or via an external one.  Note that if you're using an external display to view Dolby Vision assets in Safari, a Dolby Vision capable display (e.g. Apple XDR) is required.

1 When using Apple's adapter with some 13-inch Intel-based models, HDR content plays at resolutions up to 1080p.

2 Available when using a MacBook Air with Apple's non-Intel CPUs.

3 When using an Intel-based Mac, HDR content plays at resolutions up to 1080p.

For more info on how to configure your Mac to successfully play HDR assets, have a look at this guide from Apple.

Browser Support

Flow Capture has a number of advanced playback features, some of which may not be compatible with the platform where you're viewing. 

If your preferred environment isn't listed here, check back later! We're always working to increase support for advanced features across as many platforms as possible, so reach out to support@moxion.io if you're interested in having us expand our HDR10 and Dolby Vision support across more browsers!

Mobile Devices

These models are compatible with HDR through our iPhone and iPad apps. You can use our standardize brightness settings to make sure everyone is getting the intended viewing experience wherever they're watching.

The iPad Pro models can also utilize mobile Safari for live color conversations via Flow Capture Realtime. Note that standardizing brightness only works within the Flow Capture apps. It is not compatible with viewing HDR assets in Safari on an iPad or iPhone, so you will need to adjust it manually if you’re viewing them via Playlink or a during a Realtime Room on those platforms.

You'll want to make sure that both True Tone and Night Shift have been turned off on any device you intend to use for color review. Keeping the OS version up to date is also important.


Apple TV streaming boxes using the Flow Capture app when connected to an HDR-capable OLED display rated to 1000 nits of brightness such as an LG C9 or CX will give you the best quality for this setup. 

We recommend that you have Range matching enabled on your Apple TV, which can be found in Settings>Video and Audio>Match Content>Range: On.