Storage and Usage

When viewing a folder on the Flow Capture plaatform, you'll notice that the information panel on the right hand side displays two amounts related to file size: "Uploaded" and "Usage." 

So what's the difference?  

The "Uploaded" amount is the total file size of all files uploaded to Flow Capture.  The "Usage" amount is a little more complicated. 

Whenever you upload a file to Flow Capture, we run that file through a number of processes that optimizes it for playback, including transcoding to different bitrates and resolutions, DRM-related processes, streaming-related process, etc. These processes are essentially what make Flow Capture tick, and are referred to as "generated files."  

These generated files are always done by default, and aren't impacted by any front end settings, with two notable exceptions. 

The first is that we don't transcode to MXF by default, but instead, only when that setting has been turned ON for that folder (which can be done via the folder settings). If either of the MXF transcoding options are turned ON, we transcode those for you when a file is uploaded, which will add to the overall generated files for that folder (and therefore, will increase the usage for that project).  

The second is that for any folder that has been set as a non-transcode folder, we won't transcode anything at all. This means that that folder is essentially only being used as storage, which allows others on the project to access and download any files that are located within it, as long as they have download permissions for that folder. It also means that files within that folder won't be playable, since none of the processes described above have been run. Therefore, the uploaded amount and usage amount for that folder should be the same, as no "generated files" have been created. 

So to summarize: 

  • The "uploaded" amount is the total file size for all files that are uploaded to the platform.  
  • The "generated files" amount (not displayed) is the total file size of all transcodes and files generated through the above essential processes, including MXF transcodes if those are turned on. 
  • The "usage" is the combined total of all uploaded files and all generated files. In other words, it's the grand total of everything. 

Anyone who is an admin at the production or company level can get a breakdown of these files and usage by navigating to the Reports tab. Once there, you'll be presented with a number of sections, one of which is labeled Storage. Once you click on that, you can filter by company, production, folder, asset, etc., and view the total uploaded bytes as well as the total usage (which is generated + upload).  

Below that, you'll see two sections: Storage Ingest Time and Storage By Folder (you may need to scroll down depending on your display size). Storage Ingest Time shows a month-by-month breakdown of upload vs. generated, and is exportable to CSV. If you'd like more detail, Storage by Folder does the same, but for each folder within the production as opposed to each month's usage. It, too, is exportable to CSV.   

For more info on how to navigate Reports (including how to export and filter), have a look at our help doc on Reporting