Moxion Rooms FAQ

On February 21st, 2023, Autodesk will launch Moxion Rooms. Moxion Rooms will enable creative teams to collaborate on uploaded assets, live stream editorial reviews from your desktop, and review media as it is captured on set. 

What are Moxion Rooms?

Moxion Rooms offers real-time capabilities for artists and teams looking to streamline and scale their creative review and collaboration workflows. Moxion Rooms is a next gen cloud-based review solution that gives creative teams the ability to share live streams and review uploaded assets in a single cloud-based environment. Artists and teams can collaborate on uploaded assets, live stream editorial reviews from their desktop, and review media as it is captured on set. 

Why is Autodesk offering Moxion Rooms?

Autodesk is committed to bringing more powerful creative review capabilities to production workflows than ever before with Moxion Rooms. 
With its ability to facilitate live editorial reviews and real-time collaboration on uploaded assets or media captured on set, Rooms will be able to adapt to any team workflow.

How do I purchase Moxion Rooms?

If you purchased Moxion Dailies, Moxion Immediates, or Dolby Vision/HDR10, you will automatically be eligible to receive one (1) Room for the duration of your production. You may also purchase additional Rooms at an added cost. 
You can also purchase standalone Rooms without having to procure Dailies or Immediates. To purchase additional or standalone Rooms, please contact an Autodesk Sales Representative here

How much does each Moxion Room cost?

For further information on pricing, please contact an Autodesk Sales Representative here.

What does each Moxion Room include?

A Room includes one (1) playlist with up to 1TB of storage and can support review sessions for up to 25 participants at a time. Additional Rooms and/or storage can be purchased if required. 
A Room allows your team to combine uploaded footage and streams in one room so you can collaborate with teammates live on video chat. Additionally, you will be able to stream at 10-bit color with 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound. 
You can also create frame level annotations & commenting, export them to a PDF, and ensure that your shared media is secure with Moxion’s DRM and watermark technology. 

How can I see my current Rooms usage and status?

Admins who have access to the Reports section can track the status and usage of their Rooms via the Rooms tab. This can be filtered by Production, Status, and Company (if the admin is across more than one) by using the Dashboard filters. For more information, head to our Creating and Hosting a Room help doc.

Will there be a free trial available for Moxion Rooms?

A trial is not offered for Moxion Rooms. If you require a trial, please contact your Autodesk Sales Representative here.

Where can I learn more about Moxion Rooms?

Please refer to the Moxion Rooms documentation for more information about Moxion Rooms.