Onboarding - Managing Users, Teams, and Permissions (Admin)

If you're an admin, managing users and permissions will be a core element of your role while using the platform. Click through the videos below to learn more about using the Manage Teams panel's features and functionality, as well as info about the permissions themselves.

Manage Teams UI Tour

Permissions Walkthrough

Inviting a New User - Account Creation

Contacts - Viewing and Searching

Adding New Contact

Assigning a New Contact

Changing Permissions

Removing a User From a Folder

Removing a User From a Production

Teams UI Tour - Viewing and Searching

Creating and Editing Teams

Adding or Removing a User from a Team

Assigning a Team

Removing a Team

Importing to a Team

Multi-Team Permissions

Add Contact Directly to Folder

Access UI Tour

Access - Removing or Changing

Activity Stream

There are a variety of settings available to those who are admins, which we'll cover in the next section.

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