Flow Capture Onboarding - Home

Welcome to the Flow Capture Onboarding tutorial home page!

The video tutorials in each of the sections linked below will provide a comprehensive and thorough set of guides for everything the Flow Capture platform has to offer.

We recommend going through each of the sections in order and in their entirety, but of course, you can always skip to any section if you need help with a specific feature or function. However - It's important to note that some features are only available to certain user types, so there may be some functions that aren't relevant or available to you.

At the end of each section, you'll see a "Previous" and "Next" button, which will allow you to easily navigate through each of the sections in order. You'll also see a "Home" button which will bring you back to this page, should you need to click through to a specific section.

Click the "Getting Started" header to begin your onboarding!


Getting Started

  • Account Creation Setup
  • Logging In
  • MFA Setup
  • Password Reset

User Interface Tour


  • Inbox UI Tour
  • Playing from the Inbox
  • Flagging, archiving, and marking messages as read/unread
  • Sorting Messages
  • Adding Production Specific Inbox View(s)
  • Downloading from the Inbox

Assets Tab (formerly Desktop tab)

  • Assets Tab UI Tour
  • Groups
  • Hierarchy Explained
  • Information Pane
  • Connectivity Status and System Status
  • Production View and Folder View options
  • Sorting
  • Batches
  • Selecting
  • Deleting
  • Downloading
  • Creating a New Folder
  • Creating and Applying Tags


  • Rooms UI Tour - Rooms Tab
  • Rooms UI Tour - Inside a Room
  • Create a New Room
  • Creating Playlists and Adding Assets
  • Adding or Removing Participants
  • Device Settings and Admin Settings
  • Various States
  • Opening and Closing a Room
  • Deleting a Room
  • Rooms Playback
  • Chat
  • Commenting, Annotations, and Pointer
  • Adding Playlists Inside a Room
  • Adding a Live Asset to a Room
  • Connect: UI Tour and Basics
  • Connect: Adding and Configuring Stream Sources
  • Connect: Going Live


  • Creating a New Playlink
  • Adding Assets
  • Adding/Removing Participants
  • Sending Options
  • Playlink Access Types
  • Recipient Viewing Options
  • Playlink Watermarking
  • Overview Tab: Previewing, Saving, and Sending
  • Playlink Status Types
  • Duplicating, Editing, and Resending Playlinks
  • Viewed Status


  • Uploading
  • Uploading Options
  • Hidden Batch Workflow
  • Managing Assets: Moving or Copying
  • Manage Assets Notifications
  • Sending to Qtake

Playback and Review

  • Viewing and Scrubbing
  • Commenting
  • Commenting Types
  • Annotations
  • Taking Secure Screenshots

Managing Users, Teams, and Permissions (Admin)

  • Manage Teams UI Tour
  • Permissions Walkthrough
  • Inviting a New User - Account Creation
  • Contacts - Viewing and Searching
  • Adding New Contact
  • Assigning a New Contact
  • Changing Permissions
  • Removing a User From a Folder
  • Removing a User From a Production
  • Teams UI Tour - Viewing and Searching
  • Creating and Editing Teams
  • Adding or Removing a User from a Team
  • Assigning a Team
  • Removing a Team
  • Importing to a Team
  • Multi-Team Permissions
  • Playlinks Tab
  • Add Contact Directly to Folder
  • Access UI Tour
  • Access - Removing or Changing
  • Activity Stream

Folder, Upload, and Asset Playback Settings (Admin)

  • DRM
  • Playback Resolutions
  • MXF Transcoding
  • Standardize Brightness
  • Viewable HDR Transcode Options
  • User Provided SDR
  • Bitrate Options
  • Non-Transcode Folder
  • Processing Tunes
  • Asset Upload Validation
  • Multi Channel Audio Layout

Other Admin Functionality (Admin)

  • Watermarking - Creating a New Watermark
  • Watermarking - Metadata Watermarking
  • MFA On/Off
  • MFA Reset
  • Company Settings UI Tour
  • Enable / Disable Company Admin Access
  • Adding New Roles

Personal Settings

  • General Settings
  • Allow Support Access
  • Changing User Name
  • Changing Password
  • Devices
  • Access Key
  • Asset View Settings
  • Notification Settings
  • Logging Out