Onboarding - Rooms

Rooms allow a group of users to conduct live, synchronous assessment sessions of one or more assets with live video and audio chat, all without having to leave the security of the platform. To learn more, just click through the following tutorials in order.

Rooms UI Tour - Rooms Tab

Rooms UI Tour - Inside a Room

Create a New Room

Creating Playlists and Adding Assets

Editing and Deleting Playlists

Adding or Removing Participants

Device Settings and Admin Settings

Various States

Opening and Closing a Room

Deleting a Room

Rooms Syncing and Playback


Commenting, Annotations, and Pointer

Adding or Removing Playlists Inside a Room

Adding a Live Asset Using Connect

Connect: UI Tour and Basics

Connect: Adding and Configuring Stream Sources

Connect: Going Live

If you want to share assets with collaborators to review on their own, Playlinks will be an essential tool for you to use. Click below to learn all about Playlinks.

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