Navigating Flow Capture

Welcome to the new user interface of Flow Capture, formerly known as Moxion.

If you're an experienced user, this help doc will help you navigate the changes from our classic version to our new user interface.

If you’re brand new to Flow Capture, you can visit our Onboarding Homepage where you’ll find a library of videos that cover every feature of the platform so you can learn it from scratch.

Video Walkthrough

Click the video below for a guided tour of some of the changes, or read below for more!

As an experienced user, the first thing you’ll notice is that our navigation options have changed, both in name and in location. Navigating around the platform can now be done via the icons on the side instead of along the top, and there are 6 sections in total:

  • Inbox
  • Assets
  • Rooms
  • Playlinks
  • Transfer
  • Administration
The visibility of these sections will change depending on your permission set, so if you don’t see one of these, it’s likely due to your level of access.


The changes in the Inbox are mostly related to look and feel, with several new filters being available to you. Most notably, you’ll be able to switch between just viewing Unread messages, or All messages, by clicking the tabs at the top.

You’ll also notice that your messages can now be filtered by type, such as Shares (where you’ll find Playlinks), Folder Activity, where you’ll find notifications about uploads and comments, and Live streams.

More on the Inbox can be found here: Onboarding - Inbox

Assets Tab

The Assets tab is brand new and you can think of this tab as a combination of the old Desktop and Viewer tabs, but all in one convenient place.

On the left, you’ll see our folder tree, which now has a look and feel similar to folders on a Mac or PC. You can select the Production, Folder, or Subfolder, and the content in the middle section will be updated to show you what's inside.

The middle section of the Assets tab will show you not only the subfolders within your selected folder, but the assets themselves, sorted into batches.

You can re-batch based on the same fields as before, using the Batch icon at the top.

More on the Assets Tab can be found here: Onboarding - Assets Tab


The Rooms tab is essentially unchanged from the current version, so the only thing different here is where the Rooms icon is located.

More on Rooms can be found here: Onboarding - Rooms

Below that, you’ll find our Playlinks section, which functions the same as the old Playlinks icon when inside of a folder. Our new interface allows you to first click into the Playlinks section, and then choose which folder you want to send from. Aside from this, the functionality of Playlinks remains the same as before.

More on Playlinks can be found here: Onboarding - Playlinks


Next we have the brand new Transfer section. Here, you’ll find the Upload tab, which had previously been located with your function icons within a specific folder.

Uploading remains the same as before, and you can change folders using the tree at the top. You’ll also find Manage Assets tab, which lets you move or copy assets in the same way as our previous version.

Send to Qtake and Send to Flow Production Tracking (formerly Shotgrid) are also both located within the Transfer tab.

More on the Transfer tab can be found here: Onboarding - Transfer


Lastly, we have the Administration tab, which is only available to admins. Here, you can access your general settings, manage teams, import/export  users, manage production templates, view activity stream, and access reports, all of which had previously been found in various sections of the interface.

More on the Administration tab can be found here:

Onboarding - Managing Users, Teams, and Permissions


A big new addition to the platform is our Search function, which can be found at the top of the Assets page. You can now search for assets across entire companies, productions, or folders, allowing you to locate what you need quickly and easily.

You can change the scope of your search by clicking the Production or Folder you wish to search in on the left hand side.

You can find an in-depth breakdown of this in our Flow Capture Search article!

Production, Folder, and Personal Settings

If you want to configure your settings for a specific Production or Folder, you can do so via the Assets tab by first selecting the Production/Folder on the left.

Once you do, the right-hand information panel will allow you access to all of the settings you're used to.

These settings are now organized into sections such as upload settings, security settings, etc.

The user-specific settings which had previously been in the upper right hand corner have been moved to the lower left, and include all of the same setting options as before.

This is also where you can come to access the Company Picker, lock your screen, or log out.

Switching back to Classic

The Classic interface will remain available for a limited amount of time, so if you need to switch back to it while you're learning the new interface, please click here for full instructions on how to do so:

Switch to Classic

There’s lots more to discover in the new user interface, so for more, have a look at the rest of our onboarding and help documentation. If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team at