Onboarding, Training, and Resources

Users of Flow Capture have a wide variety of onboarding and training options to get up and running. Whether you're brand new to the platform, are taking on a higher level of responsibility, or just want to learn more about one specific feature set, our team has you covered.

Onboarding & Training

As you begin to use the platform on your productions, you're likely to have a lot of questions about the specifics of how to use each feature set. To help get you started, we offer a variety of live onboarding sessions for you and your collaborators, delivered by a member of our Customer Success team:

Workspace Training (60 minutes)

This onboarding session covers the entire product at a high level, and is an ideal place to start for anyone using Flow Capture for the first time. We'll cover collaboration, asset organization, uploading, downloading, distributing content, using Rooms, and more. 

Admin Training (60 minutes)

This onboarding session is for anyone who will be an admin on the platform. Whether you've used the platform before and have recently been upgraded to admin, or you're a new user who will be covering administrative duties, this is the session for you.

Flow Capture Rooms + Live Streaming (30 minutes)

For anyone familiar with the platform that needs to dive deeper into the capabilities of Rooms and Live Streams, this session is ideal.

Immediates Setup (60 minutes)

If you're using Flow Capture Immediates, you can book this session and have our team help your Video Assist or DIT get things configured so you're ready to shoot.

Flow Capture Coaching Session (30 minutes)

Once you're familiar with the platform, you may have more questions or want to drill in on one feature in detail. A coaching session can be booked for specific training or onboarding needs.

Troubleshooting (15 minutes)

Schedule a troubleshooting session to get some help with any specific issues you're having using Flow Capture.

A link to book any of these onboarding sessions will be included in an email sent to you once you start using Flow Capture. You'll be able to book a time directly, based on our team's collective availability, to make scheduling quick and easy. We have members of our onboarding team across multiple time zones, so sessions can be delivered at a time convenient for you.

If there are multiple people who'd like to benefit from these sessions, we ask that you organize a time that works for everyone so that we can deliver the training in a group setting.

For studios with a large number of users, we're happy to coordinate and create a schedule to deliver any or all of the onboarding sessions above in group settings, so that your team can get up and running efficiently.

Resource: Onboarding Tutorial Videos

For those who prefer a self-serve, learn-as-they-go approach, we have a library of feature-by-feature tutorial videos that provide a comprehensive and thorough set of guides for everything the Flow Capture platform has to offer.

Flow Capture: Onboarding Video Home

We recommend going through each of the sections in order and in their entirety, but of course, you can always skip to any section if you need help with a specific feature or function. It's important to note that some features are only available to certain user types, so there may be some functions that aren't relevant or available to you.

Resource: Help Documentation

Our Flow Capture Online Guides (which you're reading now) has extensive help documentation on virtually everything you could want or need to know about the platform. You can use the Search function for help on a specific topic, or you can browse our various categories to start learning from scratch:

  • Getting Started Guides - These cover the basics of the platform presented in step-by-step format, and are a great place to start your onboarding journey
  • Flow Capture Basics - These guides cover everything from how to log in to using each and every feature
  • For Admins - Anyone who will be an administrative user will want to familiarize themselves with all of the functionality, options, and settings available
  • Technical Specifications - Things like upload specs, minimum system requirements, supported file formats, etc. can be found in this technical specifications category
  • Security - Anything related to our wide array of security features can be found in this section of our help docs

For more categories and help docs, click here to go to the Flow Capture guides home page.


Last but certainly not least, our support team is here to help with any specific questions or requests you have. Click here to contact our support team