Restricting Company Admins

Company level admins have access to all productions and folders by default. However, if you’re a Production Admin, you’ll be able to remove them from either an entire production or specific folders only.  

Importantly, this change in access is a two-step process, the first of which can only be done by a Company Admin, so it’s important that Production Admins and Company Admins coordinate prior to attempting to make this change. 

Click below for a video walkthrough, or read on for written instructions.

Production-Side Setup 

The first step is to create a team of Admins at the Production level. The simplest way to do this is to create a team with Administrator permissions as the default. 

After you've added whomever will be the Admins, select the Production at the top of the center column in the Manage Teams panel and assign the team. 

If you know that the team from the company has set things up on their end, skip ahead to the Removing Admins sections!

Company-Side Setup

While you're doing that, someone from the Company Admins will need to go in and turn on the toggle for “Allow Production Admins to disable Company Admin Access. “ 

This setting can be found in the Administration Section under the General Settings tab.  

Doing so will allow the team of Production Admins full control over what anyone on the Company Admins team is able to access. They can now be removed at either the Production level or folder level. 

Removing Company Admins

Now that it’s been enabled, Production Admins can restrict the Company Admins access at either the Production level, or on a specific folder. 

To remove them from a folder, first, select the folder on the left from the Desktop. Next, head to the Security tab of the Folder Settings, find the toggle labeled “Allow Company Admins Access,” and turn it off. 

Once you do, this folder and any subfolders it contains will become inaccessible to the Company Admins team. 

If you’d like to remove Company Admins from your entire production, select the Production on the left, and follow the same steps. 

Re-adding Company Admins  

In order to re-add Company Admins, you can follow the same steps as above, but turn the toggles to ON.