Restricting Company Admins

If you and your creative team like to work knowing that there won't be any oversight from higher-ups, rest easy because Moxion has your back! We allow you to remove, in whole or in part, the Company Admins who would normally be able to access and administer all of the folders in the production you're working on.

Production-Side Setup

Before jumping in and removing any administrative eyes, you'll need to do some prep work. The first step is to create a team of Admins at the Production level. The simplest way to do this is to create a team with Administrator permissions as the default.

After you've added whomever will be the Admins, select the Production at the top of the center column in the Manage Teams panel and assign the team. 

If you know that the team from the company has set things up on their end, skip ahead to the Removing Admins sections!

Company-Side Setup

While you're doing that, someone from the Company Admins will need to go in and open up the General tab of their Company Settings:

In the Security section, they'll want to turn on the toggle for Allow Production Admins to disable Company Admin Access. 

Doing so will allow the team of Production Admins full control over what anyone on the Company Admins team is able to access. They can now be removed at either the Production level or folder level. 

Removing Company Admins From Folders

If you just want to create a single private folder, all you need to do is go into the Security tab of the Folder Settings to find the appropriate toggle. 

Switching that on will make the folder and any subfolders it contains invisible to the Company Admins team.

Removing Company Admins From Productions

This option allows you to work in near-complete autonomy on Moxion. 

Once both steps of the setup process have been completed, an Admin at the Company or Production level will be able to handle this next step. Click the action menu for your Production and choose the option for Production Settings:

That will open up a panel where the Allow Company Admins toggle is enabled. Once you're ready, switch it off and you'll get the following confirmation notice:

Clicking yes will then go through the process of removing everyone who's on the Company Admins team from the whole Production, including any and all folders in it. This may take up to a few minutes if you have a large folder structure. 

Once the process has finished, they won't see any folders when the Production is selected on their end, and clicking the action menu will indicated the locked status.

If that's all you're looking to do, you can now rest easy and continue working in private for as long as you need! If you'd like to add Company Admins back to one or more folders keep reading!

Adding Company Admins Back to Folders

Granting access back to Company Admins is done one folder at a time if they've been removed at the Production level. From the Desktop, choose the folder you want to add them to and open up the Manage Teams panel on the right side of the app.

Once that's open all you need to do is select the Company Admins team, the folder you want to add it to, and then click Assign Team. 

This will make the folder viewable to the Company Admins while still keeping the rest hidden and only accessible to the Production Admins.

You can continue re-adding Company Admins to as many folders as you like using this method. 

Re-Granting Full Access

Adding the Company Admins back to everyone once you're all wrapped up is super easy. Just open the Production's settings back up and toggle the Allow Company Admins back on. 

You'll get a prompt much like the one when it was disabled 

Confirming will then bring the Company Admins back across everything in the production!