Late June 2021

📣New Features and Updates🎉

These are the most notable new additions to Moxion in this release!

Video Processing Presets

Sometimes you need something a little different when we process the clips you upload to Moxion! We've added a couple custom types to our Asset Options that allow you to tune the processing for Animation and Grain (whether you're originating on film or using an intensive texture mapping option like LiveGrain) in addition to our classic Default processing. 

Mobile Color and Contrast Changes

The design updates we made to our web app at the end of May have now come to our iPhone and iPad apps! Their aim again is to improve the general display of contrast and colors while you're working in Moxion, wherever you may be doing that:)


Here are the highlights of our resolved issues coming through in this release. 

Auto-Send to Shotgun Issue

There has been a problem where changes to a Shotgun integration in Moxion that's been set to auto-send has not been acting on that prompt and sending the updated assets and information. We've released a fix which correctly initiates the send to Shotgun workflow when the settings for it have been updated. 

Deleting a Processing Asset Deletes the Batch

If there's only one asset in a batch and it's in a post-upload processing state, deleting it may cause the batch to be removed as well. This can cause problems if a one or more other assets were being uploaded into the removed batch as they appear to upload to a no longer visible space in Moxion. We've fixed this by ensuring that deleting the last asset in a batch no longer deletes the batch itself.

Scroll Issue in Participant Details Column

If a user is a member of a lot of teams in Moxion, there is an issue when attempting to update the permission level or role that's associated with the team when it's located at the bottom of the Participant Details column in the Manage Teams panel. Specifically, the dropdown menu displays information that is out of the frame and cannot be scrolled to. This has been addressed by making sure that all controls are available to users of this part of Moxion.