Making Playlinks

To start the process of making a new Playlink, go to the Playlinks tab and then click the Create New Playlink button.


First you'll populate the playlink with assets. Select the batch you'd like to choose the assets from and click each one to select it. You can also Shift+click to select several, click and drag from one column to the other, or use the Select All button to get everything from a batch in one go. 

If you need to remove an asset, just hover over its card and click the small x to take it out of the playlink. 

You can also do this on the fly from the Asset View by selecting the assets you want to include, clicking on the asset's Action Menu icon, and selecting the Create Playlink option.

The selected asset(s) will then appear in the Playlink Assets column. You can arrange the assets in any order you prefer by dragging them to a different spot in the run order.


This step lets you choose who you'll be distributing your playlink to. Clicking the + next to the contact's name will add them to the Playlink Participants column.

If you're a Company Admin, you'll see all the contacts from your Company that have been added to Flow Capture under the Select Participants column. Production and Folder Admins, as well as those with the Uploader/Downloader (Share) permission, will only see the Contacts who've been added to the Productions they're working on.

You can remove participants from the playlink by clicking their name under the Select Participants column, or the circled X button across from their name under Playlink Participants.

It's also possible to add and remove entire Teams to and from a playlink, or just cherry-pick certain members from a selected Team.

Added Team members are individually displayed under the Playlink Participants column.

Admins can also add new contacts that to the list of playlink participants by clicking Add Participant in the Playlinks Participant column. This is helpful if you're using playlinks for screeners, or want to restrict someone's access on Flow Capture to just the assets you choose to send them. 

Those with Uploader/Downloader (Share) permissions will need to reach out to an Admin to get new users added.


This section covers details about how and when your playlink will be sent and received, in addition to how others will be able to interact with it. 

We'll go into more detail about the playlink access types, timezone and scheduling options below, but here is a breakdown of the more self-explanatory options:

  • Playlink Name - What it will be called (e.g. Feature Cut 29_November_2019). This is the only step required to finish the playlink creation process. 
  • Add Message - Lets you write a personalized note to accompany the playlink.
  • Email Notification - Allows you to choose whether or not an email is sent to the address connected to the recipient's Flow Capture account. This is option is specific to the Inbox Only playlink type. 
  • Allow Downloads - Grants recipients the ability to download watermarked versions of files from the playlink. 
  • Allow Comments - Adds commenting and markup tools to the playlink for gathering feedback that you can export in actionable formats. 
  • Location Restriction - Enables IP-based location restriction for the playlink. The first place a viewer opens it will be the only place they're able to watch it afterwards (e.g. if they open it at home, they won't be able to watch it at the office). This can also be reset by resending the playlink. 
  • Set Viewing Limit
    • Views Before Expiry - If you've toggled on the viewing limit, you can choose how many times a viewer can view the playlink's contents
  • Playlink Watermark - Allows you to choose to use the default watermark (based on the folder settings), use a previously created watermark template, or create an override on the fly. More on this can be found in our watermarking help doc.

This allows you to choose a security level for your playlink. The default is Inbox Only.

  • Inbox Only (Highly Secure) - This sends the playlink directly to the user's Flow Capture Inbox. If you've toggled on the option for Email Notifications, they'll receive a message about it at the address connected to their Flow Capture account but will have to log in to access and view the playlink itself. 

  • Link with Folder Security (Highly Secure) - A web link which requires the playlink recipient to log in using their Flow Capture credentials. If they haven't already set up an email and password combination, they will be asked to do so before they can access the playlink.  MFA setup will also be necessary if it has been enabled in the folder or company the playlink was sent from. In the Teams panel, they'll be listed under the Playlinks tab and will be prohibited them from all other activities on Flow Capture other than viewing Playlinks.

  • Link with Access Code (Medium Secure) - After clicking the link in the email the recipient will be required to enter a Flow Capture auto-generated password. This password will be sent to the user in a separate email.

If you'd like, you also have the option to NOT send the Access Code for the Playlink by email, and instead, supply the code by other means such as a text message.

Once a Playlink with Access Code has been sent, should you need to find the Access Code in the future, you can find it under Playlink Information for that playlink at the top of the Playlinks panel:

  • Link Without Access Code (Least Secure) - This link has no explicit security and as such is not recommended for sensitive material.

Timezone, Scheduling and Expiry

These three options are interconnected and relate to the when of your playlink. 

  • Timezone - This autofills based on your location and will be how playlinks know when to activate and expire. You can click the drop down menu to manually choose a different location to key from.
  • Scheduled Date - Allows you to choose a specific state date and time for the playlink. 
  • Defer notifications for scheduled playlink - If you're creating a playlink with a fixed release date, you can also choose to delay sending out the notifications until that time. If this isn't selected, we will notify recipients of the playlink, but they won't be able to access it until your chosen date. 
  • Playlink Expiry - When it will cease to be viewable for the recipients. Can be changed to a later date, and expired playlinks can be un-expired.


The Overview panel allows you to review all of the options and settings you've chosen for the playlink.

You can check your work by using the Preview option if you are creating a new playlink, or by using View if you are editing an existing playlink (though you will need to save your changes in the latter case).

Once you're done, click Send to deliver the playlink!